Registered Training Provider

Register of Training Providers

The Engineers Ireland Register of Training Providers supplements the core CPD programme provided directly by Engineers Ireland. The Register identifies further relevant and high-standard learning opportunities offered by external providers. Engineers Ireland endorses training providers with the title of Registered Training Provider on the basis that they meet the best-practice criteria laid down in our quality assurance procedures.

How to become a Registered Training Provider

The primary purpose of the programme must be educational. Engineers Ireland makes a clear distinction between educational and marketing activities. The decision on whether an activity is primarily educational and relevant or primarily promotional rests solely with Engineers Ireland. Applications are welcome from any organisation offering learning opportunities to help engineers in their professional development.

Review of Content

Engineers Ireland reserves the right to thoroughly review any applicant Provider and / or its course or event in its entirety to ensure that it qualifies as CPD. Engineers Ireland reserves the right to refuse applications. Engineers Ireland reserves the right not to enter into correspondence.

How to Apply

If you are interested in supporting excellence in engineering through our Register of Training Providers, please complete the application form and return it with the required documentation. All applications must be accompanied by payment of €750 to cover review and administration fees of up to three courses. Additional courses can be added for a fee of €150 per course. An annual renewal fee of €350 must be paid in order to remain on the Register. Full fees are returned to non-successful applicants.

Return To:

The CPD Director, Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4



We are now seeking high-quality applicants for our Register of CPD Training Providers. All applicants will be assessed for quality, relevance and technical content.