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Biomedical Engineering division


Ireland is one of Europe’s largest MedTech hotspots and, as a globally recognised centre of excellence, is home to 300+ companies, employing in excess of 25,000 people. Thirteen of the world's top fifteen companies have operations here.  Ireland also employs the highest number of MedTech personnel per capita in Europe.  The medical devices industry in Ireland accounts for roughly 8% of GNP.

The Biomedical Engineering division provides members with a professional and social network for learning and developing potential business opportunities in this thriving field.

Members can benefit from:

  • Networking with colleagues
  • Networking with clinicians
  • Networking with the biomedical industry
  • Attending events, courses and customised seminars to advance their continuous professional development

We also act as an umbrella organisation for the various professional groups in the industry, providing links with the medical, clinical, research and trade sectors of the industry.