Fellow FIEI

Fellow FIEI

"Influence - Inspire - Shape the Engineering Profession"

Fellows of Engineers Ireland

  • Are recognised as the true leaders of the engineering profession.
  • Are regarded as highly skilled and in positions of leadership in the engineering community. 
  • Contribute to the future of engineering  and promote excellence amongst the industry
  • Contribute to the ongoing goals of Engineers Ireland 

Why become a Fellow?

  • It is a prestigious honour
  • It recognizes your leadership and seniority
  • It signifies excellence in your promotion of and influence on the profession
  • It elevates your visibility amongst your peers.


You must be
  • a Chartered Engineer for at least five years
  • have been a Chartered Engineer for less than five years but possess for a period of at least 10 years such qualifications deemed by Engineers Ireland as satisfying the requirements for the title of Chartered Engineer.
  • During the five years prior to applying for Fellow you must have filled position of responsibility in the design and execution of important engineering work.
  • You must demonstrate your achievement of the following criteria
  • That you are working at a senior level with responsibility in the design or execution of important engineering work or new technologies.
  • Your leadership qualities or expert knowledge in your field of engineering
  • Your influence on policy, strategy or opinion
  • That you promote the profession and are committed to Continuing Professional Development


  • You are required to nominate three supporters, two of whom must be Fellows and one of whom must be a Fellow of Engineers Ireland.  The second may be a Fellow of another professional engineering body with which Engineers Ireland hold a mutual agreement.  The third shall be either a Fellow or Chartered Engineer of Engineers Ireland.

Apply Now

The Membership and Qualifications Board will review applications at their meetings in January, April, July and October.  Applications including supporters’ documentation must be received on or before the last Friday of the preceding month.

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