Executive Board

Role of the Executive Board

The Executive Board is a committee of Council with specific responsibility to govern Engineers Ireland on behalf of Council, in accordance with the Bye-laws. 

To support an effective, efficient and agile approach to the management of the institution’s affairs, Council delegates certain roles and responsibilities to the Executive Board including: 

  • Determining, and then monitoring, policies to be followed by the Director General and the committees of the institution. 
  • Providing direction to the business of the institution with the aim of implementing the Council approved policies, including the strategic plan. 
  • Ensuring framework of controls is in place including a Risk Management Framework and Policy.
  • Ensuring that the institution’s executive management function operates effectively. 

Find out more about the roles and function of the Executive Board in the PDF below.

Executive Board members 2023 - 2024

Past President John Power
President Edmond Harty 
Vice President Laura Burke
Vice President John Jordan
Chairperson of the Finance, Audit & Risk Committee April Mangan                                                                                                 
George McMahon   
John Cunningham  
Orla Lonergan  
Stephen Seymour  
Laurence Lett  
John Bailey  
Michael Dymet  
Colm Ennis  

Executive Board meeting reports

The Executive Board generally meets eight times a year. 

A summary of matters considered at meetings during the 2021–2022 session is available to members of the Institute. Please log in as a member by clicking the button below to access the reports.