MEETA Asset Management awards

The MEETA Asset Management Society Awards provides an outstanding opportunity to recognise excellence in the maintenance and management of physical assets through their life cycle. The Awards recognise the outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals, teams and organisations in the profession of asset management. We welcome entries from a wide range of sectors, highlighting good practice and great leadership in asset management. It is an opportunity for maintenance professionals to showcase use of best practice in systems and processes. 

It is a chance to show what your organisation can do in Asset Management and celebrate the successes of individuals or teams. Applications are sought from organisations across a broad range of industries involved in Asset Management, including private companies, contractors, consultants, service authorities, and Government.

The Awards are divided into the following sections:

PART A – Industrial Awards

PART B — Safety and Skills Awards

PART C – Environmental Award

PART D – Student Award 

MEETA Asset Management Awards Categories

A1. Best Practice and Innovation in Maintenance Management: 
Projects, products or frameworks that demonstrate new techniques or innovative approaches to Asset Management best practice at any or all of its life cycle stages.

A2. Best Practice in Technology and Asset Information management: 
Projects demonstrating best practice techniques and originality in the use and management of Asset Management data and technology for decision making. (Note: Software programs are not in scope of this award)

B1. Safety in Maintenance and Asset Management: 
Demonstrates the use of best practices to deliver safer Asset Management. This award recognises exceptional commitment to health and safety by a company or organisation. Entrants must provide evidence of an initiative or approach that goes beyond statutory requirements on health and safety.

B2. Skills & Workforce: 
The skills gaps threaten to present a significant challenge to the ongoing progression in the Maintenance and Asset Management Sector. This award seeks out examples of successful and innovative recruitment, training, development and staff retention initiatives that all parts of the sector can learn and benefit from.

C1. Best practice in Environmental Control as applied to Maintenance and Asset Management: 
Projects which demonstrate fresh thinking in Environmental Management that helps to overcome challenges, and to promote optimal decision-making, innovative design and the best use of resources. This award is for going above and beyond normal practice, and continued and ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental improvement over a period of time.

D1. Student award: 
Projects by full time or part time students of asset management, which demonstrate initiative, creativity and problem solving. This award is typically for final year projects that demonstrate outstanding delivery of a unique asset management idea.

Questions and answers about the MEETA Asset Management Awards 

What are its objectives? 

  • Increase awareness of maintenance and asset management as a competitive advantage for companies, in the areas of cost, quality, service and equipment performance. 
  • Identify industry leaders, along with potential or future leaders, and highlight “best practice” in maintenance and/or asset management. 
  • Share successful maintenance and asset management strategies and the benefits derived from implementation. 
  • Understand and reinforce how change management principles are required to successfully implement maintenance and asset management excellence. 
What types of projects are eligible? 
Any Asset Management or Maintenance related project involving the application of a technical solution or business process improvement, to increase the effectiveness or efficiency of asset care. 
Any project that improves the working environment for people in the workplace in terms of either diversity or Health and Safety. (beyond statutory requirements) 
Any Project that goes above and beyond normal practice in continued and ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental improvement over a period of time 
What is the awards process? 
  • Candidates submit application before deadline
  • Preliminary vetting by MEETA Asset Management evaluation team 
  • Judging panel evaluates all applications and selects finalists 
  • Finalists deliver a 10 minute presentation on project, followed by a 15 minute in-depth review by the judging panel. 

Entry form and criteria:


Submissions should be made by 2pm on Monday, 27th September 2021 to For further details, please contact Elva O'Doherty

Final Evaluation presentation: Projects which make it onto the shortlist will be notified and must be in a position to make a presentation to the adjudicating panel via Zoom on 22nd and 23rd October.

Winners will be honoured at a special Online Awards Presentation at 2pm on Thursday, 25th November.

The MEETA Asset Management Annual Conference 2021 will be held Online on 24th and 25th November.


ESS/Eirdata are MEETA Asset Management’s valued partners and sponsor the awards. They have no input to the judging. The judging panel, work totally independently, and give freely of their time to foster the profession.

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