Engineering barometer

The Engineering Barometer is an annual report from Engineers Ireland that tracks developments in engineering education, employment and perspectives. It has become an established resource for engineers, educators, policy-makers and recruiters.

Engineering Barometer
The purpose of Engineering 2024 is to measure, analyse and learn from trends in engineering employment and the perception of engineering in Ireland.

Key findings from Engineering 2024

Engineering is proving to be a robust industry in Ireland

Since the last census Ireland has seen a 30% increase in engineers with continued growth predicted. In 2024 about 6,000 engineering vacancies are predicted to be advertised. 

Engineers are seen as highly competent professionals

92% of the public state they view engineers as highly competent. The public also perceive engineering as an interesting, well-paid and rewarding career. 

Education is an important part of engineering

5,920 students graduated from engineering courses in 2022. Apprenticeships are also a viable route into an engineering career, 14% of organisations who responded already have apprenticeships, with plans to grow the number of apprentices employed. 

Engineers are critical to combating climate change and biodiversity loss

62% of the respondents were already aware of Engineers Ireland’s commitment to sustainability. As engineers, the public believes we are ‘critical to combating climate change'.

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This report is a barometer of the profession in Ireland, which Engineers Ireland has compiled on an annual basis.
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