CPD Approved Graduate Development Programme

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Engineers Ireland awards the status of CPD Approved Graduate Development Programme to those programmes that meet the required criteria of best practice graduate programmes.

CPD approval demonstrates that your organisation’s programme meets the needs of today’s graduates, tomorrow’s professionals, strengthening talent attraction and retention for your organisation. 

Graduate Development Programme Framework

Engineers Ireland has identified the core elements of best-in-class Graduate Development Programmes below as well as additional recommended best practice elements that give Graduate Development Programmes a cutting edge.

Required elements


1. Graduate Development Programme policy and/or brochure

Your graduate development programme policy and/or brochure should set out the essentials of the programme: the aim, scope, timelines and milestones; the identified competences you seek to develop in your graduates; the identified learning objectives of the programme; the roles and responsibilities of the programme manager/coordinator, sponsor and graduate representative; the programme content and guidelines; the evaluation and review process.

2. Fundamental non-technical skills

A programme of opportunities to develop fundamental non-technical skills through on-the-job activities or formal training courses or a combination of both. No need to re-invent the wheel, the Engineers Ireland CPD certificate in professional engineering has been specifically designed, in partnership with leading employers, to equip recent graduates with the skills to accelerate their development in engineering organisations. 

CPD-GPD-Icons-03 650x3663. Mentoring for Graduates

A structured mentoring programme to support graduates. This should include: A standalone mentoring policy or section on mentoring as part of the Graduate Development Programme policy, trained mentors, as well as an evaluation and review process for mentoring. Engineers Ireland offers its IITD award-winning Effective Mentoring Programme to leading engineering employers. Effective Mentoring Programme

4. Fundamental technical knowledge and skills

A programme of opportunities to acquire fundamental technical knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of identified industry competences using a combination of: on-the-job learning, mentoring/coaching, formal training courses, self-directed learning and industry networking. Need to identify CPD courses on technical and industry topics. Engineers Ireland offers a suite of introductory courses on technical and industry topics on our open programme or available as customised in-company courses for your organisation. CPD Training Courses by Theme

Recommended elements

How to apply

To apply to obtain CPD approval status and logo for your Graduate Development Programme, please supply supporting evidence that your Graduate Development Programme meets, at a minimum, the 4 required elements of the Engineers Ireland CPD Approved Graduate Development Programme framework: 

  • Graduate Development Programme Policy/Brochure
  • Fundamental non-technical skills
  • Mentoring Supports for Graduates
  • Fundamental technical knowledge and skills

You may also provide evidence meeting the recommended elements of the Engineers Ireland CPD Approved Graduate Development Programme framework and any other additional initiatives that contribute to your Graduate Development Programme.

  • Self-awareness assessment
  • Rotation opportunities
  • Networking and professional progression
  • Other 

Please send all information along with your name, job title, organisation and contact details to cpdemployers@engineersireland.ie.

Graduate Development Programme
Consultation Service
Contact the CPD team via email below or call 01-665-1305 to discuss with a CPD Consultant.