Air Handling Unit Construction and Performance

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Organisation profile

Entropic Ltd was incorporated in 2000 and provides high-quality ventilation systems for buildings, with a focus on efficiency, safety and comfort.  It provides complete HVAC systems (including air handling units, chillers, chilled beams, kitchen canopies, fire dampers and smoke control dampers) and also aid Consulting Engineers in the ventilation aspects of building design.  It has an extensive portfolio of past projects including work in pharmaceutical and hospital environments.

Training aim

To explain how an air handling unit works and compare the various components, materials and construction methods used in modern air handling units that enable them to fulfil highly specific requirements imposed by standards such as HTM 03-01 for healthcare premise ventilation.  To show how factory acceptance testing, standardised testing to EN 1886:2007 and Eurovent certification can help guarantee the required level of quality in air handling units.

Learning objectives

To understand what an air handling unit does.

To gain knowledge of each of the components of an AHU, what the function of each is and how material and design choices affect AHU performance.

To understand the role of Eurovent in the certification of AHU performance.

To look at the categories of performance formally specified in EN 1886:2007 and to understand the rating system used in classifying each one.

To take a detailed look at the specialised requirements imposed by the Healthcare Technical Memorandum 03-01 on AHU design.

Course outline

What does an AHU do?

How does an AHU function? (AHU Components)

Filter types

Fan types and efficiencies – IE2 vs EC motors

Specific fan power (SFP)

Coils for heating and cooling

The value of heat recovery

Desiccants & dehumidification

Other components

AHU Construction

Factory Acceptance Test and Delivery

Assuring AHU Performance


EN 1886

HTM 03-01

HTM-compliant AHU Specification

HTM AHU Sketch

HTM AHU Requirements

Increasing productivity in design – selection software

Trainer's profile

Barry Stenson - Mechanical Engineer (BA BAI, MSc, MIEI)

Course duration

1 hour

Assessment & certification

Attendance Certificate

Who should attend

Architects, building services engineers, client representatives, mechanical and environmental designers, hospital and healthcare facility designers and maintenance personnel, HVAC engineers and anyone with an interest in building ventilation systems.