Air Source Heat Pumps & Hot Water Generation


Organisation profile

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world's leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic products and systems used in a broad range of fields and applications.

Training aim

The aim of the course is to give all relevant parties involved in the specification of renewable heat sources, a better understanding of the technology, design processes and application of Air Source Heat Pumps within the residential heating sector.

Learning objectives

  • To understand how Air Source Heat Pumps work.
  • Ideal design temperatures of Heat Emitters and how the controls system works.
  • Correct Model selection and why use one model over another on various applications.
  • Correct methods for Sizing a Heat Pump

Course outline

The course discusses industry drivers towards Net Zero, Heat Pump Technology and measuring efficiency against traditional heat sources such as Oil/Gas. Students will discover how to accurately size Heat Pumps along with Key points of the design. The course covers schematics for various applications such as cascade systems, different zones and pre plumb systems. Attendees will also discover how Heat Pumps produce hot water and why fifth generation Heat Networks are a viable solution to hit our Net Zero targets.       

Trainer's profile

Shane Toye is a Consultant Sales Engineer for Mitsubishi Electric Ireland.

Shane has over 16 Years in the Plumbing and Heating industry, both in the domestic Sector and Commercial sector. Shane has City & Guilds Qualification in Mechanical Engineering Plumbing Systems and City &Guilds Qualification in NZEB Regulations and Retrofit 

Course duration

1 hour

Who should attend

Consulting Engineers, Design and Specification Engineers, Architechts