An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Manufacturing

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Organisation profile

IMR is Ireland's leading independent research and technology organization, RTO. All Irish Manufacturing Research’s projects focus on translational innovation projects, in collaboration with industry, to demystify, de-risk and deliver emerging concepts, processes and technologies.

Training aim

An unbiased overview of the machine learning landscape, from the introductory building blocks to more state-of-the-art approaches, with an overall lean towards uses in the manufacturing domain.

Learning objectives

Learn the most important steps and implementation concepts for the realization of AI & machine learning projects.
The objective is to give an overview of what ML is and what it can do, not actually how to build algorithms. There will be one or two Jupyter notebooks with the objective of showing the learner what a ML algorithm looks like, but no requirements for the learner to work with them.

Course outline

Delivery: Pre work is on line, self paced through user name access & password.

Workshop is Virtual Classroom Live facilitator led

Learning platform: Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Learning methodology: Real world activities by topic.

Learning transfer: SME presentation, interactive Q&A, Scenario based quiz and reinforcement reflection.

Trainer's profile

Dr Carlos García Santiago is the Senior Analytics Technologist at IMR. He has 20 years of experience working on AI and data analytics applied to railways, renewable energy, stock market and manufacturing. By training, he is an Industrial Engineer, with a PhD on the application of evolutionary algorithms for manufacturing.

Course duration

9:00am - 3:30pm

Assessment & certification

CPD Certified

Who should attend

Managers who want to learn the language and tools of Machine Learning.