An Introduction to Siphonic Drainage for Engineers

Organisation profile

Capcon Engineering are rainwater drainage specialists providing expertise in design, pre-fabrication, installation, certification and maintenance of bespoke siphonic and gravity rainwater drainage systems. We work with engineers and architects on the design team, providing an expert PI-backed rainwater drainage design service in the planning phase. Highly experienced in large-scale construction, we have designed, supplied, installed and certified more than 250 rainwater drainage systems in Ireland, the UK and Europe since 2009.  

Training aim

This one hour CPD is to give participants a basic overview of the fundamentals of siphonic drainage systems.

Learning objectives

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of Siphonic Drainage
  • Examine sustainability and cost reduction advantages
  • Compare siphonic drainage in comparison to gravity drainage systems
  • Explore real world application through case studies
  • Engage with Q&A on practical examples

Course outline

An “Introduction to Siphonic Drainage”, will give consulting engineers an overview of siphonic drainage systems. Examine how siphonic systems are inherently more sustainable and up to 30% more cost efficient. We will look at comparisons to the traditional gravity systems, advantages (and disadvantages) of a siphonic approach alongside real world examples of siphonic drainage in practice. We also encourage participation in our Q&A session that follows CPD where the presenter answers questions on the application or feasibility of siphonic drainage in specific scenarios. The CPD is approximately 45-60 minutes long and is delivered virtually or in-person by our highly experienced, Bim Level 2 Accredited Rainwater Drainage designer, Stephen Morris.

Trainer's profile

Stephen Morris is Design Lead at Capcon Engineering and delivers the Introduction to Siphonic Drainage CPD. He is Bim Level 2 Accredited with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Architectural Technology from Technological University Dublin. 

Course duration

45-60 minutes

Assessment & certification

1 CPD Point

Who should attend

Consulting Engineers, Architects