Category 6A is the clear choice for any new installation


Organisation profile

CommScope is a network infrastructure provider.

Training aim

During this session, we will deliver a message of the key drivers that are re-shaping enterprise buildings and campus networks, namely hyperconnectivity, bandwidth, power, and design adaptability. we’ll discuss their implications on your enterprise network’s physical layer infrastructure and provide some tips on how to better plan and design for emerging next-gen applications.

Learning objectives

1. Identify the challenges that hyperconnectivity pose over the cabling and connectivity stand point and learn how CommScope as network infrastructure provider can help to resolve these challenges, including the deployment of CAT 6A cabling. 

2. Understand the implications and requirements over the cabling and connectivity driven by the bandwidth demand in the enterprise and campus networks which has been on a continuous upward trajectory. 

3. Identify the implications and requirements over the cabling and connectivity driven by  the fact that many devices being deployed are clustered at the network edge, which require both power and data connectivity. CommScope highlights the importance of selecting the more suitable cabling solution which is CAT 6A. 

4. Identify the advantages of adopting a grid-based approach to design such as CommScope's Universal Connectivity Grid (UCG)  and CAT 6A for a more flexible and adaptable structured cabling approach.

Course outline

  • Building applications and infrastructure
  • Building applications and infrastructure trends
  • Hyperconnectivity 
  • Bandwidth 
  • Power 
  • Design adaptability
  • Building applications and infrastructure trends – Recap
  • 10 reasons to chose CAT 6A
  • Global Copper Cabling Market 
  • CommScope CAT 6A: Sustainable, for your business and the environment
  • Additional Resources 
  • CommScope CAT 6A Solution 
  • Key takeaways

Trainer's profile

Johanna Alvarado joined CommScope in January 2022 as a Systems Engineer for the UK and Ireland, offering pre-sales and post-sales technical support for the enterprise and data center market. 

Course duration

1 Hour 

Who should attend

  • Project Managers
  • Network engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Estimators