Certification, Qualification and Standardisation in Additive Manufacturing

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Organisation profile

IMR’s vision is to enable manufacturing of all sectors and sizes to be leaders in the world of advanced manufacturing so that they can compete and thrive in the global economy. As a leading manufacturing Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) with labs and industrial pilot lines in Dublin and Mullingar, IMR works with leading global and indigenous brands to de-risk and de-mystify new and emerging technologies & to deliver high impact collaborative research. IMR’s ambition is to significantly accelerate the implementation of key elements of Ireland’s industrial strategy and enable Irish based manufacturers to be early adopters and winners in the fourth industrial revolution. IMR will enable industry to capitalise on these opportunities and tackle the threats head-on, through a broad based service offering to ensure industry has access to the latest technologies and knowledge in a timely fashion. IMR’s comprehensive R&D program offers collaboration across the 4 thematic pillars: Digitisation, Automation & Advanced Control, Design for Manufacturing and Sustainable Manufacturing, to deliver solutions that enable industry to increase productivity, improve efficiency, upskill and build resilience, win new business and launch new products.

Training aim

As Additive Manufacturing (AM) moves from the production of prototypes to the manufacture of end-use parts, certification, qualification, and standards (CQS) become vitally important. These are important, not just in highly regulated industries or safety critical applications but wherever the AM component can adversely affect the performance of the product. This professional training course will extend attendee understanding in the steps which must be followed to enable the safe and effective adoption of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for end-use parts and the impact on the way the business operates, from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Learning objectives

LO1 Describe Certification in Additive Manufacturing.

LO2 Describe Qualification in Additive Manufacturing.

LO3 Describe Standardisation in Additive Manufacturing.

LO4 Differentiate and classify the linkages between CQS.

L05 Outline CQS activities and identify the main differences associated with each one.

LO6 Recognise the standards which are applicable to AM.

LO7 Research, select and find the relevant AM standards in the public repository.

LO8 Identify the impact of CQS in the AM process chain.

LO9 Identify how CQS can prevent specific risks and implications related to AM implementation.

Course outline

This training course identifies the international Certification, Qualification, and Standards (CQS) relevant to additive manufacturing (AM). It outlines the relationship between these and why they are required and what kind of risks are important to mitigate. You will engage with case studies to highlight application of CQS for you to gain real life, applied knowledge for industry needs.

Trainer's profile

All trainers are subject matter experts working within IMR.

Course duration

3 day sessions of instructor led training virtual classrooms.

Assessment & certification

Certificate of Completion and a CPD Certificate (Engineers Ireland CPD) for those who complete all sessions.

Who should attend

This training is aimed at people with industrial experience in polymer moulding and those with an engineering educational background at third level. A basic level of understanding of Additive Manufacturing principles would be complimentary.