Chemical Free Water Treatment For Closed Loop Networks

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Organisation profile

Formed in 2009 by Macartan McCague Nat Dip. Eng. MIEI, Ecopipe Ireland Ltd, began as a design and sales company selling heating, plumbing & underfloor heating solutions direct to the trade. With over 40 years industry experience, Ecopipe has expanded to a multi-site wholesaler and distributor to the heating & plumbing industry throughout Ireland. In eleven years Ecopipe has expanded its workforce from 2 to 15 employees. Ecopipe has two Trade Counters, a distribution centre and a residential, commercial & underfloor design department. Ecopipe are the exclusive distributor of all Tiemme and IWTM products in Ireland and won The Plumbers Merchant of the Year in Ireland's Plumbing & Heating Awards.

Training aim

To inform and educate;
That there is an Alternative "Chemical-Free" process of water treatment in closed loop networks available in Ireland, that controls the causal elements of corrosion in systems to strict required levels and in doing so, achieves Europe's most stringent water quality standard VDI 2035.
Designed by Engineers for Engineers.  
Trusting a "Chemical Free" Chemistry reaction to treat the water in your heating and cooling closed loop networks.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of water composition and how to control the corrosion that occurs within closed loop systems, to the EU standard VDI 2035 
  • Comparison of Chemical Vs Chemical Free Water Treatment within closed loop systems. 
  • Installation and Maintenance of a Chemical Free approach.

Course outline

  • Introduction to the Issue of Coorosion within closed loop heating and cooling networks. 
  • Explanation of the Chemical coorosive reactions of metals (TDS) within water. 
  • Comparision of "Chemical Free" with current industry standard Chemical Inhibitor dosing. 
  • Oxygen, pH and Conductivity requirements in the EU Standard of water quality VDI 2035
  • The Chemistry Reaction processes involved in a Chemical Free approach. 
  • Inform the Enviornamental benefits of the Process Installation and Maintainance of the system in plant rooms 
  • Detailed Presentation of Case Studies in new and retro fit situations.

Trainer's profile

Macartan McCague Nat Dip. Eng. MIEI

Also presented by Tech.Sales Personel, trained by Macartan McCague Nat Dip. Eng. MIEI

Course duration

45-55 mins

Assessment & certification

No assessment. Certificates will be shared following course completion.

Who should attend

Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Specificiers, Building Service Engineers, Plumbers, Service / Maintainance Engineers / Managers, Design Engineers, Envionmental Engineers, Construction Engineers, Distrcict Heating Engineers, HVAC Engineers, Chilled Network Engineers