Circularity Thinking

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Organisation profile

IMR is Ireland's leading independent research and technology organisation, RTO. All Irish Manufacturing Research’s projects focus on translational innovation projects, in collaboration with industry, to demystify, de-risk and deliver emerging concepts, processes and technologies.

Training aim

Circularity Thinking structures the analysis of circular opportunities by ‘following the flows’ and finding value for companies by making sure that the ‘right questions are being asked’.

Learning objectives

A key objective of the training is to take the first step towards developing a shared language around the circular economy to enable circular-oriented innovation. Participants will leave with the knowledge and capability to better assess where circular opportunities exist.

Course outline

Delivery: Live facilitator-led Microsoft Teams / Zoom-based workshops.

Duration: 7.5 Hours over 3 day interactive sessions not including prep, data analytics & reporting.

Learning platform: Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Learning methodology: Real-world activities by topic and whiteboard activity on MIRO.

Learning transfer: SME presentation, interactive Q&A, Scenario-based quiz and reinforcement. We are intentionally spreading a one-day workshop over three days in light of Covid-19 constraints.

Trainer's profile

Lead Facilitator, Dr Geraldine Brennan is the Head of Circular Economy at Irish Manufacturing Research and is responsible for the design and delivery of CIRCULEIRE - Ireland's first industry-led innovation network dedicated to accelerating the circular economy. Dr Brennan has spent the last decade exploring the barriers and enablers of industry adoption of circular and sustainable business models and has lectured, published, and edited thought leadership on scaling circular-oriented innovation.

Course duration

7.5 hours.

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours.

Who should attend

The training is suitable for industry participants who are in strategic and operational functions (from C-Suite to Engineering to Supply-Chain functions).


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