Consultant Hydronic Design Process

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Organisation profile

We support Building Engineers design very efficient building services for their clients to reduce their energy consumption and their environmental impact. 

We have saved thousands of kilowatts of energy consumption every year which equates to countless tons of CO2 emissions.

We want a world where all commercial buildings are carbon positive by 2040 and we help them towards this goal by educating the design engineers on the latest HVAC technological products, methods of integrating these new technologies and how to optimise the efficiency of these systems.

We are more than doing our bit to help to save our planet!!! 

Training aim

To educate building engineers on the intricacies of modern and innovative Hydronic System Design, encompassing space heating, space cooling, and domestic hot water provision.

How to identify the various products that can be utilised in a HVAC Hydronic System Design and how to integrate them into a system design. 

This comprehensive learning experience delves deep into the heart of engineering principles and their practical applications.

Learning objectives

A step by step guide to designing a HVAC hydronic system schematic. 

Understanding the building load requirements – i.e. Design criteria

Concept - Considerations.

Design - Selecting your criteria for each building load.

Solution – Sample options

Schematic - Equipment selections.

A Proposal, Including schematic, selections and budgeting.

Course outline

Discover the all-new and eagerly anticipated CPD program: "Consultant Hydronic Design Process."

Drawing from a wealth of 35 years of industry expertise and employing real-world projects as our canvas, we've crafted an illuminating, step-by-step guide for consultants seeking mastery in the realm of HVAC hydronic design solutions.

This CPD goes through the process of identifying the design criteria, the products required for systems that require space heating, space cooling and / or domestic hot water and how to integrate these products in to a system design with examples of many hydronic system designs.

Trainer's profile

Peter McMahon

Refrigeration Technician / B Eng Tech / Guest lecturer for TUD, SEAI Energy Theatre, IRI National Conference, AEE conference, EI, etc. / MIRI / Founder & CEO of European Industrial Chillers Ltd. (EICL) and ClearEnergy.

Course duration

1 Hour.

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

Building Engineers