Cyber and High Security in a Business Integrated World

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Organisation profile

Gallagher Security is a global security manufacturer and leader in integrated access control, intruder alarms management, and perimeter protection. Across more than 130 countries around the globe, Gallagher is trusted to protect some of the world's most sensitive and critical sites. In the UK, we are CSE Listed, AACS 22 Approved, CAPSS Approved, NPSA Assured and GovPass Compliant and Gallagher Security has delivered trusted, tested and proven solutions around the world for more than 85 years.

Training aim

A focus on cyber security, government approved security platforms and why commercial organisations should consider using them.

Learning objectives

  • Why is cyber security important – how does it affect me, the client - The Why
  • So what? - The Relevance
  • How manufacturers are developing products to protect against Cyber and High Security threats – The Solution
  • Why use a Government approved platform in a commercial world – Government Approved
  • Course outline

    In a world where cyber threats are evolving and ever-changing, are we prepared for an attempted attack? What is the risk to our organisations, and are our security systems up to the task of protecting against unauthorised access to our data?

    We’re going to look at the relationship between cyber and high security, define what cyber security is and why it is so important, detail how to recognise a responsible cyber vendor, and discuss why organisations of all sizes should consider government-approved security solutions as part of their cyber protection.

    Trainer's profile

    Daniel McKeon

    Experienced Business Development Manager actively working alongside consultants, contractors and end users across the UK to assist them with their security and access control requirements on a wide range of projects.

    Course duration

    1 Hour

    Assessment & certification

    No assessment

    Certificates will be shared following course completion

    Who should attend

    Channel partners and consultants, integrators, engineers and business owners