Data Visualisation

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Organisation profile

IMR is Ireland's leading independent research and technology organisation, RTO. All Irish Manufacturing Research’s projects focus on translational innovation projects, in collaboration with industry, to demystify, de-risk and deliver emerging concepts, processes and technologies.

Training aim

The course will present data visualisation at a glance, with practical hands-on module (using a data visualisation software)

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, we expect the audience to be able to know, understand and be familiar with: 

a) The historical perspective of Data Visualisation;

b) The value that Data Visualisation offers to analytics; 

c) What makes a good design for data representation; 

d) The common mistakes to avoid; 

e) Several common software packages; 

f) How to perform basic data visualisation with Tableau.

Course outline

Module 1 - What is Data Visualisation

Module 2 - Data representation and Design I

Module 3 - Data representation and Design II

Module 4 - Storytelling with Data

Module 5 - Tools and Software 

Module 6 - Hands-on! Tableau 

Delivery: Live facilitator led Microsoft Teams / Zoom based workshops.

Duration: 6.5 Hours not including prep, data analytics & reporting

Learning platform: Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Learning methodology: Real world activities by topic.

Learning transfer: SME presentation, inter active Q&A, Scenario based quiz and reinforcement.  

Trainer's profile

Carlos Garcia is IMR Data Analytics Senior Technologist, with background Industrial Engineering, PhD on Artificial Intelligence, and more than 20 years of experience in industries and applied research in fields such as manufacturing, machine learning and optimisation.  

Amanda Fenerich is IMR Junior Data Analytics Researcher, with background in Manufacturing Engineering, PhD on Operations Research, and experience in optimisation and decision analysis.

Course duration

1 day 6.5 hours

Assessment & certification

6.5 Hours CPD

Who should attend

The training is suitable for participants who want to learn more about how data visualisation can be used to get better insights (does not require previous experience in data visualisation)


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