Designer Training Program – Hydronic Systems

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Organisation profile

EICL, established in 2004, which is a wholly Irish owned company, are a specialist supplier of HVAC and Process Cooling solutions.

Our team of solutions Engineers have a proud reputation for offering tailored energy efficient proposals.

Exclusive Irish distributor for Aermec, Hitema and Fiorini.

Aermec are acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of innovative HVAC products.

Hitema are known for bespoke Water Chiller products.

Fiorini are renowned for their range of Pump and Tank sets. 

Training aim

To promote the latest evolution in Hydronic system design for space heating, cooling and Domestic Hot Water with consideration for renewable energy equipment such as Multifunctional Heat Pumps…

Learning objectives

To design a HVAC hydronic system to allow for space heating, cooling and DHW.

How to integrate HVAC components into the design with the use of a hydronic circuit schematic for a 4-pipe system.

How to select a Multifunctional Heat Pump (MFHP)

How to size a buffer tank.

Importance of the location of the buffer tank in the hydronic system.

Low loss header integration.

Secondary loops v's primary loops - flow rates and delta t.

Sizing of Water to Water Heat Pumps for DHW.

2-stage Calorifiers

Course outline

To go through the process of selecting and locating each HVAC component required with the use of a hydronic schematic for a HVAC hydronic system ‘step by step’.

Trainer's profile

Refrigeration Craftsperson trade apprenticeship (C&G207)

Refrigeration Technician (C&G257)

Dip in Prof Mgt

Service Manager of ICS

Service Director of EuroCool

Technical Sales Director (owner) of since incorporation in June 2004

B Eng Tech - Higher Certificate (Merit 1)


Course duration

1 x 3 hrs - or can be 3 x 1 hr or 2 x 1 1/2 hr

Assessment & certification

3 hours CPD or part thereof

Who should attend

Building (Services) Engineers or Mechanical Engineers working on HVAC or Process Cooling applications