Diploma in Construction Law

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Organisation profile

The Diploma Centre, as part of the Law Society of Ireland Law School, has provided continuing professional education and training to solicitors for over 20 years. Our primary aim as a legal education service provider is to offer high quality, relevant course content that meets the needs of legal practitioners in Ireland's changing and competitive market for legal services. The Diploma Centre provides postgraduate courses which are also open to a number of suitably qualified professionals. 

Training aim

To provide a comprehensive overview of the specialised discipline of construction law and practice and to develop professional skills to analyse, manage and solve problems that arise in major projects.

Learning objectives

What are the learning outcomes of the Diploma?

On successful completion of this Diploma in Construction Law the student will be able to:

  • Professionally communicate to a range of diverse construction management stakeholders, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the principles of construction contracts and the rationale for amending standards from contracts
  • Explain and identify the impact and interaction of contract law and tort in the construction process
  • Advice on compliance with statutory obligations including Health & Safety and Building Control legislation
  • Critically assess and report on the implications of important case law developments and legislative changes
  • Develop skills to evaluate and critically analyse how a contract is discharged and identify how a contract is performed and breached
  • Describe how alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as adjudication and arbitration operate and provide advice to clients on the merits and suitability of these different mechanisms

Course outline

The programme is based on the following module scheme; Introduction to Construction Law, Construction Procurement,  Construction Contracts & Construction Dispute Resolution. This course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the specialised discipline of construction law and practice in Ireland. A practical approach is adopted to the complex issues that arise from the multiparty nature of the construction process and there is a focus on the public Works and RIAI contracts.

Trainer's profile

For over twenty years the Diploma Centre has provided continuing professional education and training. Our courses are open to solicitors, trainees, barristers and suitably qualified professionals. We provide a flexible approach to learning for the busy professional, with courses available both on site and online. Courses are delivered by leading legal practitioners and industry experts and an extensive suite of courses is offered.

Course duration

7 months 

Assessment & certification

Continuous assessment and three-hour closed-book written examination.

Who should attend

The course will be of interest to experienced construction professionals including engineers, claims surveyors and expert witnesses.