Executive Research, Development & Innovation Management Program

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Organisation profile

ReaDI-Watch Ltd. provides a disruptive cloud based digital platform called ReaDI-Watch for companies to record R&D activity in real-time, to maximise return on R&D and Innovation (RD&I) investment and to meet requirements for R&D tax credits and grants. ReaDI-Watch has been developed by a team of RD&I specialists and is globally the first end-to-end service and toolkit for the management of RD&I. We also provide training courses in RD&I aligned to National and International best-practice.  

Training aim

The aim of this course is to give Senior Teams and Engineers the tools to plan for and create the RD&I Strategy for their business aligned to the companys business goals and enable decision making for the business.The content of the course is designed to provide senior engineers with the skills and competency to lead and manage their RD&I aligned to best practice National and International RD&I standards including ISO 56000 series for Innovation Management and commercial strategy of the business.

Learning objectives

After completion of the course trainees should be able to:

  • Develop RD&I Business Processes.
  • Define an innovation strategy and policy aligned to the Company strategy.
  • Identify and recognise the core technologies central to sustained competitive advantage.
  • Create a core technology roadmap, understand and identify potentially qualifying R&D activities in the field of engineering. 
  • Appraise technology for the company, an understanding of relavent core technologies.
  • Define and R&D vision and R&D strategy for the company aligned to the commercial goals of the business.
  • Develop an R&D culture and environment for R&D in the company.
  • Manage intellectual property and manage IP assets through an IP protection policy.
  • Maximise on R&D grants and funding.

Course outline

The course is provided online broken down into 5 modules with a case study to apply the learnings. There is also a quiz to support a layered confirmation of learnings, a certificate is issued after completion.

Module 1: Innovation Strategy

Module 2: Core Technologies

Module 3: R&D Strategy

Module 4: Intellectual Property

Module 5: RD&I Governance & Leadership

Trainer's profile

ReaDI-Watch Ltd. employees a team of R&D Specialists with some 70 years of R&D experience across the team. All course trainers have excellent academic qualifications with many years practical experience in the engineering and manufacturing industry. Comprehensive details of the trainers qualifications and testimonials of previous training attendees can be provided on request.

David Byrne MSc (Chief Executive Officer) is an entrepreneur, SFA Small Business Awards Finalist with an MSc Finance Smurfit Graduate Business School & BCom International, UCD. David is an R&D Management Association (RADMA International) Paper Contributor and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft International Office Contributor.

Professor Gerry Byrne CEng, FIEI (Chief Scientific Officer) is one of Irelands most senior international engineers and has been actively involved internationally in applied R&D and Innovation for over 30 years. He is a past president of Engineers Ireland and is proactive and connected internationally at governmental, infrastructural and senior levels in the R&D ecosystem in Europe, Canada, USA, China and the UK.

As well as the team above ReaDI-Watch Ltd draw from a team of experts with experience in FMCG, Manufacturing, Engineering, Software, Telecoms, Medical Device, Agri-Tech, Bio-Tech, Digital Health and Innovation Management including Sharon Keohane, Aisling Malone, Adam Murphy Hana, Fiona Sammler, Gareth O'Donnell and Martin Curley.

Course duration

90 minutes.

Assessment & certification

Candidates are assessed by way of practical case study and quiz, once passed are issued with a  Certification of completion and CPD hours.

Who should attend

Senior teams and those involved in developing the strategy of the business.