Firestop - Life Safety and Passive Fire Protection


Organisation profile

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Every day our technologies support awe-inspiring feats of engineering around the world - from the famous bullet train in Japan to tunnels deeps under some of the largest cities on earth.

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Training aim

This CPD course aims to educate on effective fire compartmentation, covering the latest legal requirements and the relevant systems for each application. 

Learning objectives

This CPD seminar covers the importance of passive fire protection and the different fire-stopping systems available. Covering how to restore the integrity of compartments that have been breached by services and other openings. We will also look at current European standards and testing to EN 1366. Showing you as the designer and/or installer how you can be confident that by specifying the correct firestop product for the application the product will be fit for purpose.

Course outline

  • Hilti & Firestop
  • Fire Facts
  • Effective Fire Compartmentation
  • Misconceptions – Foam & Mineral Wool
  • Regulations & Testing 
  • Product Overview

Trainer's profile

We have a team of Qualified Engineers (at least BSc Eng Hons) with specific expertise and experience in the relevant areas covering all parts of Ireland.

  • Gil Pinto
  • Rebecca Reid
  • Michael Keating
  • Eoin Duffy
  • Cristino Gonzalez
  • Ethan Hodgson
  • Milo Keating-Aboud
  • Sean McGrenery
  • Benoit Lefevre
  • Paul Campbell
  • Edmond McCarthy
  • Thierry KlinKlin
  • Pedro Monteiro

Course duration

60 minutes.

Assessment & certification

Hilti Certificate of Attendance + 1hr Registered CPD Points.

Who should attend

Engineers, Technicians, Fire Consultants, FireStop Installers, General Contractors, Certifiers, Building Owners, Inspectors.