Heatpump Technology & Appropriate Heat Emitter Sizing

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Organisation profile

Grant is Ireland’s leading manufacturer of heating technologies and has been providing efficient and reliable heating solutions for over 40 years. The company operates the forefront of the plumbing and heating industry with its forward-thinking approach, innovative designs, and award-winning heating products. Products include the HVO biofuel compatible Grant Vortex condensing boilers, Grant Aerona³ R32 air to water air source heat pumps, Grant Uflex underfloor heating, Grant pre-plumbed cylinders, and Grant Afinia radiators.

Training aim

To gain a better knowledge of heat pump technology and in particular, the appropriate sizing of specific heat emitters.

Learning objectives

The primary learning objectives of the course are to gain knowledge on what air to water air source heat pumps are, why you would install one, how they work, various types available on the market, performance of the heat pump, how to calculate heat loss in a property, servicing, and maintenance and how to meet Part L compliance.

Trainer's profile

With over 30 years combined experience in the heating industry with experience in plumbing and heating, manufacturing and design of heating products and systems, Barry Gorman – National Renewables Sales Manager, Keith Scully - Technical Sales Representative and William Comerford - Technical Sales Representative at Grant will lead this training course.

Course duration

32 mins

Assessment & certification

1 CPD will be awarded, and training certificates will be presented to all attendees on completion of the course.

Who should attend

Consulting Engineers, Architects, Local Authorities and BER Assessors.