Heatpump Technology & Appropriate Heat Emitter Sizing

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Organisation profile

Grant Ireland was founded in 1978 and established itself as a market-leading brand in the heating industry. From condensing oil-fired boilers through to its ever-growing range of renewable technologies. Grant Engineering has an extensive product portfolio designed to meet the heating needs of tomorrow for households throughout Europe and beyond. Grant UK was first established in 1996 and is now based in Devizes, Wilshire. Grant France was established in 2018 in Chambéry. 

Training aim

To gain a better knowledge of Heatpump Technology & in particular the appropriate sizing of specific Heat Emitters.

Learning objectives

The primary objectives of the presentation will be to help you understand: 

  • Why we use Heat Pumps 
  • What is an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) 
  • How does an ASHP work 
  • The different types of Heat Pumps on the market 
  • Heat Pump Performance 
  • Heat Loss within a dwelling & Heat Emitter sizing with the incorporation of: SR50 - Code of Practice for Building Services – Part 1
  • Servicing & Maintenance requirements 
  • Legislation & Regulation

Trainer's profile

Keith Scully - Training Manager

Barry Guinan - Technical - B.Eng, MIEI

William Comerford - Technical - B.Eng

Course duration

32 mins

Assessment & certification

1 Point Credit

Who should attend

Consulting Engineers, Architects, Local Authorities and BER Assessors.