Helping Buildings to Breathe. The Design and Selection of Performance Louvres


Organisation Profile

Construction Specialties is a global manufacturer and supplier of a range of specialist building products, from interior finishes and expansion joint covers to high performance ventilation louvres and pressure relief venting. 

Training Aim

The course provides guidance on how to select and specify ventilation louvres to meet both functional and aesthetic project needs.

Learning Objectives

  • What louvres are and why they are used in buildings
  • How louvre design impacts on the airflow and rain defence performance it provides
  • How to ensure functional requirements are met, without compromising overall facade design
  • How weather louvres are tested and why it is important to specify to meet the building’s ventilation needs
  • Course Outline

    The course begins with a brief overview of louvre types, functions, design options and facade integration. 

    The main part of the presentation looks at key louvre performance characteristics - airflow, pressure drop and rain defence. we cover testing methodology to EN 13030 standard and resulting classification, as well as calculation of venting area requirements based on the maximum acceptable pressure drop. 

    We conclude the CPD by briefly touching on additional specification criteria and typical available accessories, including their potential impact on airflow through the louvre.

    Trainer's Profile

    The CPD will be led by Canice Clooney, who has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. as construction specialties' area manager for Ireland, Canice assists designers or engineers in specification process and provides support through all project stages, from conception to completion.

    Course Duration

    1 Hour

    Assessment & Certification

    CPD certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of the course.

    Who Should Attend

    Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Building Consultants.