Innovative Dust and Fume Extraction Solutions for Industry

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Organisation profile

BEAM have specialised in delivering clean fresh air to homes and businesses since 1977. We have designed and installed systems for all types and sizes of new build and existing homes, many large private home developments, hundreds of hotels, nursing homes, offices, religious buildings and manufacturing businesses countrywide.

Training aim

To provide technical advice and improve awareness & understanding of the importance of Dust & Fume Extraction and Vacuum technology for commerce and industry.

Learning objectives

Updates on new developments and innovations for dust and fume extraction solutions for manufacturing industries, the education sector and commerce.

There will also be technical guidance on workplace regulations.

Demonstration and examples of proven practical solutions that deliver healthier and more efficient work environments, whilst also adhering to health & safety regulations.

Course outline

To provide advice, and to show examples of proven practical solution that deliver healthy and efficient work environments, including;

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV);

Weld Fume Extraction;

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction;

On-Tool Dust Extraction;

Woodwork Dust Extraction;


LEV Enclosures / Booths;

Centralised Vacuum Systems for Commercial & Industrial sectors.

Trainer's profile

Over 25 years experience designing, specifying and installing dust & fume extraction systems into industry and commerce;

Development of specialist commercial and industrial markets, including semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, concrete manufacturing;

Provision of technical custom-made solutions;

BOHS P604 qualified engineer 

Course duration

1 hour

Assessment & certification

1 hour CPD

Who should attend

M&E Consulting Engineers

Consulting Engineers