Lean in Construction Green Belt

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Organisation profile

Crystal Lean Solutions (CLS) is a leading Lean service provider supporting customers in Ireland, UK, and Europe within the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Electronics, Construction and Software sectors. Our aim is “to develop peoples' capability in Lean Thinking to systematically deliver results by making your job easier". We believe in delivering nothing short of the highest level of professionalism in all our relationships with customers, employees, associates and our environment.

Training aim

The aim of this course is to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills to lead a cross functional team to systematically improve a Process using Lean thinking and philosophy resulting in the systematic improvement of project delivery and value to the client.

Learning objectives

Course Content:

Introduction to Lean Construction Green Belt Program

- GB course curriculum

- Assignment schedule

- Certification Process

- Overview of Lean in Construction

- DMAIC methodology for process improvement

Define Phase

- Team roles - Sponsor, Leader, Team, Stakeholders

- SMART Problem definition

- Team management

- DMAIC Update

Measure Phase

- Introduction to the Value Stream Map and VOC

- Swimlane process mapping

- Mapping flow using a Spaghetti Chart

- Data charting: run charts, Pareto, charts, box plots, histograms, scatter plot

- Introduction to Descriptive Statistics: measures of location and variation

- Direct Observation

- Flow and Pull of project and information

- Lessons Learned

- DMAIC Update

Analyse Phase

- Identify Potential causes with a Cause-and-Effect Diagram 

- Prioritisation of Causes

- Verification of Causes

- 5 Whys - Identify the Root Cause

- Selection of Causes to improve

- 8 Wastes

- Standard Work

- DMAIC Update

Improve Phase

- Introduction to the Value Stream Map

- Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

- Target Value Design/Delivery  (TVD)

- Choosing by Advantages (CBA)

- Lean Contract & Procurement Models

- Takt Planning

- 5S workplace design

- Countermeasures and Improvement Plan

- DMAIC Update

Control Phase

- Data Analysis and Trending

- Lean Deployment in an Organisation

- Training process

Project Management Techniques

- SCRUM for Design

- Last Planner System (LPS) integration and CoPlan software for LPS

- Watefall

Introduction to Change Management

- Rewarding the team

- DMAIC Update

Course outline

The Lean in Construction Green Belt provides learners with the knowledge and capability to systematically improve processes using Lean thinking and philosophy, resulting in the systematic improvement of project delivery and increasing value for the client.

This Green Belt programme introduces participants to the full application of Lean from Client, Design and Contract Delivery to transform project delivery. 

On completion, learners will be considered to have achieved a Lean Green Belt, and be able to support performance enhancement goals in the Construction industry. At the end of this programme, learners will be able to:

- Use the DMAIC methodology with Lean thinking and tools to deliver a sustainable change in project delivery processes 

- Apply Lean tools across the project delivery value stream from procurement to handover, in order to improve key metrics of safety, quality, budget and on-time delivery

- Understand Lean in the contracts and design process, including Integrated Project Delivery, Target Value Design (TVD) and describe the positive impact on project delivery

- Consistently improve handoffs efficiency to support project delivery 

- Lead the business to work smarter and improve efficiencies while meeting customer expectations 

- Make data-based decisions through the application of appropriate graphical tools 

Trainer's profile

Maria Ryan has nearly 30 Years-Experience in Design, Manufacture and Consultancy and brings a tremendous energy to Lean and Six Sigma training and deployment. Maria has presented at conferences across Ireland including topic round “Change Management", “Hoshin Planning", “Human Error", “Lean in Construction” and "Problem Solving". Maria has co-authored two papers on the “Last Planner System” and presented at the IGLC conference in 2019. She has led two project teams on behalf of the LCi, including project leader for the LCi Lean Pass program. Maria has supported LeanStart, LeanPlus and LeanTransform programs.

Chris Dawkins has over 30 years- experience in various roles in industry, including Process Excellence Manager in ABB Pumps and Quality Manager in Cartamundi. Chris has a passion for continuous improvement and supporting the team to learn and develop. Aligned with his general Lean experience, Chris core competencies include management of projects using SCRUM methodology and Human Error prevention. Chris has presented at conferences with topics including Human Error Prevention and Lean in Manufacturing and led workshops for the WIT MSE while working in Cartamundi Ireland Ltd. Chris was also a project team member for the development of the LCi Lean Pass program.

With nearly 30 years’ experience, Christy Murphy has in-depth knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma deployment within multinational organisations. Christy has direct hands-on experience of Lean deployment managing both LeanPlus and LeanTransform programs for clients, resulting in the transformation of business at the bottom line. Christy is a leading consultant in construction and has published and presented paper “Integrated Testing System for UHP Gas Valve Manufacture” at the International Conference for Production Research and co-authored two papers on the “Last Planner System". He has also managed workshops for both the South West Lean Forum and South East Lean Forum and has presented on other Lead topics including Human Error.

Brigid McNamara is a Six Sigma Blackbelt and Lean Operational Excellence Expert, with over 25 years' experience deploying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies within various industries. Examples include: Pharmaceutical, High Volume Manufacturing and Aerospace sectors, performing roles in Manufacturing & Production Engineering, Six Sigma Blackbelt, Production Management, Project Management, and Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence Management. Brigid passionately believes that the key to success is all about sharing our knowledge, learning from our mistakes, and creating an open learning environment where people feel empowered to take ownership of their own processes and improvement ideas.  

Course duration

5 days (classroom based)

Assessment & certification

Upon completion of the course, Learner projects are assessed by a CLS Black Belt. The programme award is the 'Lean in Construction Green Belt'

Who should attend

The Lean in Construction Green Belt programme is aimed at all personnel that lead small to medium improvement teams, and who work continuously to improve the business processes. The programme would especially suit:

- Contract managers

- Procurement personnel

- Project managers

- Quality Assurance

- Quantity surveyors

- Engineering and design personnel