Intelligent Solutions for Natural Ventilation


Organisation profile

WindowMaster has developed and delivered solutions and components for Natural Ventilation,  Smoke, and Mixed-Mode Ventilation, to a wide range of buildings across Europe and America for 20 years. This experience and knowledge has enabled WindowMaster to continually develop solutions to provide an optimal sustainable indoor climate.

Training aim

Outline how to control for Natural, Mixed-mode and Smoke Ventilated buildings.

Learning objectives

  • What do you need to consider when integrating intelligent natural ventilation into building design
  • What compoents are needed to make an automated window system
  • What is and how do you manufacture an EN12101-2 certified smoke vent
  • How does intelligent control provide better user comfort and building performance

Course outline

  • Optimum Window Design and the benefits
  • Operable Window Types
  • Actuator Finder
  • What is an Automated Natural Ventilation System?
  • Automated System Components for Comfort Ventilation
  • Automated System Components for Smoke Ventilation
  • BMS Interface
  • What is EN12101-2 for Smoke Vents
  • Compact™ and FlexiSmoke™ MotorControllers
  • WindowMaster Solutions
  • Intelligent window automation with MotorLink®
  • Reference projects
  • WindowMaster Services

Trainer's profile

Jannick Karsten Roth - NV Consulting, WindowMaster - Civil Engineer with MSc in Indoor Climate & Installations. 

Tom Dyson - UK/IE Senior Business Development Manager.

Course duration

1 Hour.

Assessment & certification

WindowMaster CPD certificate of attendance.

Who should attend

Fabricators, M&E Contractors and Subcontractors.