LV Senior Authorised Person


Organisation profile

Founded in 1984, with over 1,300 full-time employees, Suir Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of EDF Energy Services. 

Suir Engineering are a leading provider of innovative mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering solutions for their clients throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and other locations across the globe.

They provide best in class contracting solutions with in-house, flexible resources capable of providing a personable and consistent service to their customers. 

Learning objectives

LV SAP Course:

  • Clarity on the Roles Duties and Responsibilities of an SAP.
  • Understanding of the Regulations and Standards
  • To ensure we are compliant with NSAI IS 10101 ; 2020
  • Importance of Safety and Isolations
  • Recognise Terminology associated with LV Safe Working
  • Understand the Safety Requirements when dealing with Electricity
  • Understand Suir Engineering LV Electrical Safe Working Procedures
  • Familiarising our personnel with the implementation of Electrical Permits

Course outline

To set out the core requirements for the management of all LV Electrical Systems which fall under the Company’s control.

To protect employees, contractors, service providers, end users, and equipment from injury or damage resulting from inadvertent/unexpected energisation, start up, and release of stored energy while work is in progress.

To explain how systems and equipment should be energised after installation/modification and how access to systems and equipment must be managed following energisation.

Trainer's profile

John Clare is the primary course trainer with support from Andrew Norris. He has been in the electrical industry with over 40 years working alongside RECI, ETCI, NSAI and CENELEC. John is a leading authority on Rules for Electrical Installations, and is also a member of Technical Committee 2 which oversees the National Rules for Electrical Installations.He was previously Chief Inspector with RECI for 20+ years.

Andrew Norris is in the electrical Industry with +25 years. All of his career has been spent with Suir Engineering where he has progressed from apprentice to electrician to Project Manager and onto a Director of EHS, Quality and Continuous Improvement. He has a broad overview of standards, workplace scenarios, different sectors of the industry which all assist in ensuring the courses which have been developed with John Clare are in line with industry best practice.

Course duration

2 day.

Assessment & certification

Course content is assessed over the 2 days via questionnaires and the questionnaires closed off at the end of the 2 day course. Suir Engineering Certificate issued to attendees who pass the course and saved to our online platform Flex.

Who should attend

LV Authorised Persons & Electrical Engineers.

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