Low Voltage Electrical Safety Awareness Course


Organisation profile

HVOTC is an Irish owned and run limited company established in 1998. We are an independent electrical training provider specialising in competency based High Voltage operational training that is site specific and tailored to the customers requirements. In addition to electrical training HVOTC offers consultancy services in the following areas:

H.V. system safety audits.

Pre-handover inspections of new/upgraded H.V. systems.

Developing and updating high voltage safety rules and procedures.

Training aim

To give participants an appreciation of the hazards involved when working with or in the vicinity of low voltage electricity (< 1,000 Volts AC).

Learning objectives

Legislation and Safety.

Basic Electrical Principles.

Electric Shock & its effect on the Human Body.

Electric Arc Flash.

Electrical System Protection.

Dead Work and Lock Out/Tag Out.

Live Work – Definitions, Requirements & PPE.

Electrical Equipment Walkdown – Highlighting potential electrical hazards.

Course outline

This course is aimed at both electrical and non-electrical personnel and can be tailored to the customer’s electrical systems, equipment and requirements. The course covers basic electrical principles and focuses on electrical hazards such as electric shock and electric arc flash. Relevant legislation and industry best practice are also covered.

Trainer's profile

Richard McDonnell has been involved in the operation and management of high voltage distribution systems since 1998. In 2008 Richard began training for HVOTC in this area and has worked with electricians, technicians and engineers in the pharmaceutical, production, wind, data storage, rail industries and the health services.

Course duration

1 day

Assessment & certification

Participants will complete a theory based questionnaire and will be assessed on identifying electrical hazards on equipment & in the workplace.

Who should attend

The course is suitable for electricians working directly with electricity and non-electrical personnel that may use electrical equipment.