Measurement of Hazardous Substances (including Risk Assessment) - British Occupational Hygiene Society

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Organisation profile

M&A provides services and solutions to the public and private sectors in occupational hygiene, noise and vibration. We deliver a range of Institute of Acoustics (IOA) training courses in noise assessment. We also provide training courses in occupational hygiene which are accredited by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS). Our consultancy services include Occupational Hygiene Assessment, Building Acoustics, Air Quality Assessment, Noise and Vibration (routine monitoring and assessment).  We also provide assessments and guidance for planning & environmental licence applications and noise control and attenuation. We provide tailored training seminars and workshops and help clients develop and manage Hearing Conservation Programmes. Expert witness testimony and support are also provided by our experienced consultants.

Training aim

Provides a sound understanding of the techniques for assessing exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace and an understanding of how exposure information can be used to assess risk.

Learning objectives

After completing the course, candidates should be able to:
• describe the general approach to health risk assessment, including the role of atmospheric monitoring
• select appropriate equipment to measure specific airborne contaminants and devise a suitable sampling strategy

• present the results in a form useful for health risk assessment purposes to enable management to comply with relevant legislation.

Course outline

Training is provided in an interactive and engaging format by well-practiced experts. The course combines practical sessions. 
Topics include:
1. Risk Assessment 20%

2. Air Sampling Theory and Practice 20%

3. Air Sampling Equipment 20%

4. Sample Analysis 5%

5. Hygiene Standards 15%

6. Biological Monitoring 10%

7. Calculation, Interpretation and Presentation of Results 10%. 

Trainer's profile

Moloney & Associates - Acoustic & Environmental Consultants employ experienced and qualified consultants.  All of our course tutors combine excellent academic qualifications with many years’ practical experience and our training is focused and practical.  Comprehensive details of our trainers' credentials can be provided on request along with testimonials from course attendees.

Course duration

5 days (including revision and examination).

Assessment & certification

An “open book” examination with 40 short answer questions & an allowed time of 2 hours. Successful candidates will be issued with BOHS certification.

Who should attend

Health and safety officers, engineers and technical staff, consultants, occupational hygienists and individuals who need a working knowledge of hazardous substance monitoring and assessment.