Microsoft Excel Expert - Advanced Spreadsheets

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Organisation profile

Pitman Training have a network of 18 training centres across Ireland, providing a national and local solution for organisations and SMEs across the country.  We offer an extensive choice of over 100 self-paced courses including all Microsoft Office applications (Access, Excel, Powerpoint etc), Admin support skills, Secretarial skills, Typing, IT Professional and Personal Development training.  Contact Pitman Training on 1800 532632, start any time and never miss a lesson.

Training aim

Microsoft Excel training moves to another level with this course which takes you on to an advanced level.  This extensive course is suited to those who are already have Excel user experience.

Learning objectives

On successful completion of this course, you will gain Pitman certification and be in a position to take the Microsoft Office Specialist test (MOS) at Excel Expert level.

Course outline

In eight lessons, you’ll become confident in a range of Excel’s more sophisticated features including using AutoFill, creating and working with tables, using/hiding worksheets, custom formats; defining, using and managing named ranges; using conditional formatting and filtering data; recording and running macros; summarising data, database functions and pivot tables; using data across worksheets, switching between workbooks and using Excel's statistical functions.

Trainer's profile

All Trainers in each centre have acquired the necessary skills for Pitman Training courseware delivery and student support including all aspects of exam invigilation.  All Pitman Training self-paced courseware is prepared and tested in both the UK and Ireland to meet CPD specifications in terms of content, learning objectives, delivery process and certification.

Course duration

20 to 22 hours, self-paced flexible learning.

Assessment & certification

Pitman Training Certification is included.  Students can also take the MOS Excel Expert exam for an additional fee.

Who should attend

For experienced users of Excel who want to learn even more features of this comprehensive spreadsheet software.