Milling 4 & 5 Axis VMC with Fanuc Control


Organisation profile


IMR is Ireland's leading independent research and technology organisation, RTO. All Irish Manufacturing Research’s projects focus on translational innovation projects, in collaboration with industry, to demystify, de-risk and deliver emerging concepts, processes and technologies.

Training aim

This is an advanced Fanuc milling course designed for people with some knowledge and experience of the machining process and CNC controls but who want to acquire the necessary skills to program 4 & 5 axis mills. Designed for operators/programmers with a basic understanding the standard ISO codes for Milling but need to upskill and use the facility of the 4th Axis on a Vertical Milling Machine and B axis in a Vertical 5 axis machine. The course is aimed at operators and setters looking to acquire new and upgrade existing skills, and at adult learners with knowledge and experience of the machining process looking to make the step up to CNC Programming. The course is suitable for customers with Fanuc controlled machines with a 4 or 5 axis configuration.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course the participants will have acquired advanced knowledge for CNC programming and operation of CNC Milling machines which have 4 & 5 axis capabilities. 

Course outline

Day 1 Module 1

1. Introduction to Fanuc Milling

2. General Layout of Machine

3. Walk Through Control Panel

4. Memory and Library

5. Axis Configuration X, Y & Z

6. Making A Program

7. Reference Return G28/G30

8. End of Program

9. Absolute and Incremental Movements G90/G91

10. Rapid Traverse & Feed Rate G00/G01

11. Feed/Rev & Feed/Mm G94/G95

12. Using Codes, I, J & K G02//GG03

13. Plane Selection G17/G18/G19

14. Helical Interpolation

15. Programming Examples

Day 2 Module 2

1. Day 1 Overview

2. Work Co-Ordinate Setting

3. Applying Tool Length Offsets

4. Programmable Data Input Using G10

5. Cutter Compensation G40/G41/G42

6. Applying Radius Offsets

7. Drilling, Tapping & Boring Canned Cycles G80-G89

8. Initial Heights & Return Heights G98/G99

9. Exact Stop and Dwell G04

10. Rigid Tapping Function

11. Programmable Mirror Image

12. Programming Examples

Day 3 Module 3

1. Day 1 & 2 Overview

2. Polar Co-Ordinates

3. M Code Description

4. Sub Program Call M98/M99

5. Optional/Program Stop M00/M01

6. Editing Programs

7. Custom Macros

8. Changing Parameters

9. Programming Examples

10. Summary Of Course Content

Day 4 Module 4 

1. Day 1, 2 & 3 Overview

2. Axis Configuration X, Y, Z, A & B Additional Axis

3. B Axis Programming Including Indexing Unit

4. G17, G18 & G19 Plane selection for helical and three-dimensional Use

5. Data Input f0or Tool Offsets, Work Offsets & Parameters Using G10

6. Additional Work Offsets & Work Co-Ordinate Setting for G52/G59

7. Description of M Codes

8. Macro Programming G65/G66/G67

9. Cylindrical Interpolation

10. Programming Examples

11. Summary Of Course Content

Trainer's profile

Mr. Jeff Hart is Manager of Mills Training Academy for 16 years, 

Started career as an apprentice Toolmaker in 1972 ~ 1976, and with quite high qualifications achieved was asked at the age of 21 to start part time teaching in a college YOPS (Youth Opportunity Scheme) for 5 years while simultaneously working in a Company as a Toolmaker with Plastic Injection Moulds. 

While at the Company, took the opportunity to learn Programming in Heidenhain and Fanuc. Several years later in 1985 the chance to join Fanuc came up and was employed as the Training Manager. Travelled all over Europe training Machine Tool Builders, Agents and Fanuc Employees in Programming, Service Issues and New products from Fanuc. 

After 10 years Mills CNC joined them as their Training Manager and create a training centre in the Midlands which was ultimate ambition. 

Since Mills started the Training Academy we have had over 8,000 students come through the system, not just from the UK but many from Ireland, Egypt, India & Poland etc. 

Qualifications include: 

City & Guilds in Production Engineering Full Cert. 

D32 & D34 level qualified for NVQ’s (Non Vocational Qualifications) 

Fanuc Controlled Lathes up to 9 Axes 

Fanuc Controlled Machining Centres up to 5 Axes 

Heidenhain 5 Axes Machining Centres.    

Siemens ShopMill & Shopturn  

FeatureCam, Cimco & FAPT Software trained. 

Mr. Chris Judge is the Machining Applications Specialist for subtractive manufacturing at Irish Manufacturing research. His expertise lies in his experience growing an advanced technology and modern precision engineering company in a fast-paced environment. Chris has extensive experience within the precision engineering sector working with technologies from CNC machining, abrasive waterjet cutting to EDM. Researched and implemented new and emerging technologies to ensure Prodieco always stayed competitive in their market sector. Chris is currently leading other research programs and involved in EU funded research programs within the Irish precision engineering space. 

Course duration

4 Days 

Assessment & certification

Written course evaluation. 28 hours CPD

Who should attend

This course is designed for operators/programmers already competent in understanding the standard ISO codes for CNC Milling and require upskilling and to use the facility of the 4th and 5th Axis on a mill.  The ideal candidates are already proficient in CNC operation and should have a good foundation in ISO G – codes.