NZEB Compliant Heating & Ventilation Strategies for Apartments and Low Energy Housing


Organisation profile

Established in 2012 we design, manufacture, and supply NZEB Compliant heating & ventilation systems for both new build and retrofit projects We have an house R&D, building services team & BER Assessor to provide specification of fully NZEB compliant ‘All Electric’ systems. We guarantee quality assurance and on-site support throughout project lifecycles.

Training aim

To give designers of heating & ventilation systems an overview and understanding of NZEB compliant heating & ventilation systems for the Irish apartment market.

Learning objectives

- Be aware of the specific regulations to achieve NZEB compliance

- Be aware of different types of systems available to achieve compliance

- Understand how an Exhaust Air Heat Pump (EAHP) works

- Understand the role of ventilation in the functioning of an EAHP

- Sizing of heat pumps and DHW storage in apartments (SR50)

- Learn how to calculate the impact of over-ventilation and to specify systems to avoid it

- How to specify electric components to achieve compliance

- Know how to achieve RER compliance and when PV may be required

- Step by step on DEAP inputs of different systems

- Compliance checklists (certification, testing, etc.)

Course outline


NZEB – Part L & Part F Requirements

EAHP – How it works

Systems sizing & over-ventilation

Mixed flow EAHP's

All electric NZEB compliant systems

RER/PV Requirements

DEAP Inputs & certification

Design, installation & maintenance

Trainer's profile

Eoghan Considine

Bachelor of Architecture - Dublin Institute of Technology

Certified Passive House Designer (2017-2022)

City and Guilds NZEB Ventilation Certified

10+ years experience working in the sales, specification and installation of residential energy efficiency systems - specifically with mechanical ventilation systems, heat pumps & wireless heating control systems.

6 years experience working for Irish heat pump & heat recovery ventilation system manufacturers dealing with specifiers, mechanical contractors, and assigned certifiers.

Course duration

1 Hour

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

M&E Engineers & Consultants specifying heating, DHW and ventilation systems in new build or retrofit developments. 

Energy Engineers designing NZEB compliance in new build apartments.