Operation of Electrical Installation, High Voltage Safety Procedures

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Organisation profile

Established in 1991, O'Hara Engineering Services has built an excellent reputation in the electrical installations sector from building services right through to distribution and transmission Sub-Stations. Their clients list includes The Health Services Executive, Office of Public Works, ESB and many other "Blue Chip" companies. They have a proven ability to deliver the highest quality of installations & services at all voltage levels.

Training aim

This training course is on the operation and safety of electrical installations above 1kV .This course has been developed in house to fulfil our requirements and the requirements of our clients alike. A video presentation is here - https://youtu.be/s-P_quXO1No

Learning objectives

The objective for candidates to learn how to Operate, Maintain & Commission their installation above 1kV. The course will teach the basis of electrical plant operation including the creation and implementation of documentation. The Isolation of plant above 1kV so that works can be carried out such as maintenance and replacement. It will teach how to carry these works in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with I.S. EN50110-1:2014.

Course outline

The course covers the following topics and the procedures in relation to them:

• Operation of Electrical Installations (According to I.S. EN50110-1:2013)

• ET103 – Installations Above 1000V

• Definitions

• Basic Principles. Safe Operation

• Standard Operational Procedures

• Operating Activities & Switching Operations

• Inspection of Electrical Installations

• Working Procedures & High Voltage

• Transformers

• Arc Flash

• Surge Arresters

• Circuit Breakers

• Protection Systems

• Switchgear Maintenance

• SHWW S.I. 299-2007

• Communication Documentation

• Testing Equipment & Safety

• Practical Implementation

Trainer's profile

Michael O’Hara has been involved in the electrical contracting sector for over 35 years, in that time he has worked at all levels of electrical contracting industry and is currently the Managing director of his own company. His reputation in the industry is unrivalled, and he is considered to be one of the most technically competent figures in the sector.  He serves on the ETCI Sub-Committee 2/8 (Low Voltage Generators), TC10 Sub Committee 2 (Medical/Critical  power distribution systems) and TC3 which has formed the new wiring rules ET103 for Installations at 1kV and above. 

Course duration

3 Days

Assessment & certification

On assessment the candidate shall demonstrate, planning, isolation, accept/submit of documentation and reintroduction of equipment of 1kV and above.

Who should attend

Engineers, Operators, Facility Managers and Staff who have in their brief any equipment of 1kV and above for Control, Operation, Maintenance and/or repair.