Passive Housing and Sustainable Energy technology using timber frame construction - PHASE

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Organisation profile

ITB is committed to lifelong learning and ‘second-chance’ education and has therefore developed an active adult continuing education programme. In recognition of the significant changes in the construction sector, the Department of Engineering and Trades is striving to provide the most relevant training programmes possible to cater for the changes in the industry. This programme of training is an example of the ITB's commitment to link its academic work with its development work.

Training aim

Develop new skills in the field of Low Energy and Passive House building technology and expose participants to working practices and specifications in German construction related companies.

Learning objectives

Timber construction systems – common methods and standards 
Air tightness – theory, practical demonstration and blower door testing 
Timber and earth construction methods 
Computer applications and simulation tools 
Timber Product quality 
Building Physics – thermal bridges, condensation
Heating and Ventilation Systems
Design principles

Insulation Materials

Course outline

The course is aimed at people in the labour market (PLM) who have a trade and or a higher certificate (or higher) in the areas of construction or facilities engineering to provide up skilling in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. The Programme is funded by the European Commission - Leonardo da Vinci Programme Fund, which is administered by Leargas in Ireland.The full cost of flights, accommodation and training is funded under the programme.

Trainer's profile

Since 2008, KOMZET has developed as a centre of vocational excellence Germany-wide in the field of “energy-saving in timber construction”. Training materials have been developed and delivered to timber construction companies, apprentices, further training candidates, builders, planners and architects.The KOMZET building in Biberach has accommodation, catering, training and meeting facilities. The adjacent ZAZ Centre offers full facilities for technical training on timber frame construction.

Course duration

2 weeks training in Germany

Assessment & certification

Certificate of Completion and EUROPASS document

Who should attend

People in the labour market (employed or unemployed) who have a trade and or a higher certificate (or higher) in the areas of construction, architecture or facilities engineering