Power Factor Correction in Electrical Networks

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Organisation profile

Premium Power is an electrical engineering consultancy providing safe, reliable, and cost effective solutions for the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry and utility and renewable sectors. With offices in Ireland and the UK, the company specialises in electrical network resilience, electrical safety and electrical design and works with some the largest pharmaceutical, manufacturing and data centre facilities in the world.

Training aim

To provide an understanding of the causes and implication of poor power factor in industrial and commercial enterprise and how cost effective power factor correction solutions can be designed and implemented.

Learning objectives

Be aware of the implications of poor power factor

Understand methods of power factor measurement

Understand the most commonly implemented solution to power factor correction

Understand how harmonic distortion arises in electrical networks

Understand the importance of considering the harmonic impact of power factor correction

Have an understanding of the practical consideration when implementing power factor correction

Course outline

An understanding of the power factor in electrical circuits.

Cost implications of poor power factor in industrial and commercial enterprise

How poor power factor arises and the types of load involved.

How power factor can be measured and improved

How the saving from power factor improvement can be calculated

Types of power factor correction available.

Importance of, and impact of, capacitors on harmonic distortion levels within a plant.

Practical solutions to Power Factor Correct

Trainer's profile


Paul has vast engineering experience. Such projects entail electrical system modelling using a variety of software’s to carry out protection co-ordination, load flow, short circuit and arc flash analysis. Other areas of exposure include power quality studies, electrical system design and wind energy design. Paul regularly carries out training on arc flash and system modelling for clients. Paul is train the trainer qualified and has just completed an MSc in Energy Management in the Dublin Institute of Technology. He is also a graduate of Cork Institute of Technology and the UCD Micheal Smurfit business school.


Andrew has vast engineering experience working on electrical projects, which include electrical system modelling (protection co-ordination, load flow, short circuit and arc flash analysis), power quality analysis and mitigation, electrical system design and electrical system reliability through FMEA and state enumeration methods. Andrew has just completed an MSc in Energy Management in the Dublin Institute of Technology. 

Course duration

Half day

Assessment & certification

Questionnaire at end of course.

Who should attend

Engineering manager, Facility Engineers, Maintenance Managers, responsible for energy management and mission critical systems in the, Industrial, Data Centre and Renewable Energy sectors.