Power Over Ethernet and the impact on the network infrastructure sizing, design and installation plan


Organisation profile

CommScope is a network infrastructure provider.

Training aim

During this session, we will deliver a message to clearly define what the industry standards state about how to properly plan and implement an end-to-end infrastructure network, to support high power PoE networks. We will also discuss the changes within the Ethernet ecosystem that drive some of the changes in the way traditional copper structured cabling networks are implemented.

Learning objectives

1. Identify the industry standards for sizing and planing networks delivering Power over Ethernet.

2. Learn the main variables that affect the thermal load of the copper cable when remote power is applied, and how mitigate the effects. 

3. Learn about the design tools that can help and simplify the planning of a Power Over Ethernet network infrastructure cabling deployment. 

Course outline

  • Standards
  • IEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Safety standards 
  • Cabling installation standards
  • Remote Power – Concepts and Considerations
  • Planning - Deployment Example
  • De-mating under load
  • Im-Vision and PoE monitoring 
  • Resources

Trainer's profile

Johanna Alvarado joined CommScope in January 2022 as a Systems Engineer for the UK and Ireland, offering pre-sales and post-sales technical support for the enterprise and data center market.

Course duration

1 Hour

Who should attend

  • Project managers
  • Consultants
  • Design engineers
  • Estimators