SOLIDWORKS Training Passport

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Organisation profile

Solid Solutions commenced business as a SOLIDWORKS Training and Support provider in 1998 and have consistently achieved strong growth every year to become Ireland and UK’s leading SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD reseller. Growth has been driven by a focus on recruiting the best from academia and industry and by delivering high quality services to more than 15,000 customers. With the merging of NT CADCAM, CADTEK and Solid Solutions Ireland in recent years, Solid Solutions has become one of the largest SOLIDWORKS resellers in the world.

Training aim

The SOLIDWORKS Training Passport will help attendees design, iterate and validate their products at the design stage with the aim of reducing time to manufacture and costly prototyping and rework.

Learning objectives

The Training Passport offers the opportunity to learn about 16 different courses, totally 32 days of training. The training allows the participant to learn the functionality available in SOLIDWORKS Standard right up to SOLIDWORKS Premium. Topics covered include part, assembly and drawing creation along with metal fabrications, stress analysis, rendering capabilities, complex surface modelling techniques and much more.

Course outline

The Training Passport is split into 16 courses totalling 32 days of training which can be taken over a 12 month period. Each course will cover a different area of the SOLIDWORKS software including part, assembly and drawing creation. Metal fabrication to drive automatic cut list creation, surface modelling techniques to create complex shapes, stress analysis to validate designs and photo realistic render creation of their models.

Trainer's profile

At Solid Solutions we have many highly skilled trainers who are Certified SOLIDWORKS Elite engineers with experience in design, design automation, simulation and manufacturing. In addition to learning the content of the course, attendees can ask questions regarding their own models and design challenges.

Course duration

32 Days

Assessment & certification

The Training Passport will help users complete the CSWA, CSWP, 5 x CSWPA exams and the CSWE. These are all official SOLIDWORKS certifications.

Who should attend

A SOLIDWORKS Training Passport is suitable for people who want to develop their understanding of modelling in SOLIDWORKS so that they can design, iterate and validate their products before manufacture