Succeeding at Oral Hearings


Organisation profile

La Touche Training is a firm of Solicitors and Barristers who specialise in running training courses for engineers in legal and witness skills. As Ireland's leading legal training provider, we have trained over 200,000 delegates since we were set up in 1995.

Our hands-on, interactive training courses are hugely popular with engineers working in both the public and private sector.

Our clients include every local authority in the country, government departments, private firms and individual experts.

Training aim

This course teaches delegates about the process of oral hearings, how to present their scheme confidently and how to handle difficult cross-examination under pressure.

Learning objectives

Understand the procedures and protocol for oral hearings

How to prepare for giving evidence

Get to the essence of a complex scheme

Deal with in depth cross-examination on their submissions

Gain mastery of their delivery

Make full use of supporting documents, plans, photographs, etc.

Communicate clearly with the Inspector

Handle difficult cross-examination techniques confidently

Learn through observing other participants performance

Course outline

This highly intensive and practical training is delivered by qualified lawyers. The course focuses on the procedures at an oral hearing or public inquiry, the order of events, the roles of the different people and the process of giving evidence. The techniques lawyers use to disconcert and discredit witnesses are also examined. The delegates then experience presenting their scheme in a mock oral hearing role-play. They also experience being cross-examined on video.

Trainer's profile

All of our training is conducted by our team of barristers and solicitors. All our trainers are qualified lawyers as well as trained trainers. All of our trainers are very experienced and are skilled with helping delegates to get the most out of each course.

Course duration

1 - 2 days

Assessment & certification

All delegates are assessed on the course and are given a certificate on completion of the programme.

Who should attend

Anyone who may have to appear at an Oral Hearing or Public Inquiry. We have trained Engineers, Geologists, Archaeologists, Environmental Consultants and Planners of all grades.