Understanding DALI-2 & The Smart Building of the Future

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Organisation profile

We are an Irish-owned company providing market leading and innovative 'plug-and-play' modular wiring systems, assisting the rapid fit-out of electrical systems onsite. In addition we provide products for power distribution, lighting and lighting controls. We support our product offering with qualified electrical engineer advice.

Training aim

The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the new DALI-2 protocol (IE62386), as applies to lighting control systems.

Learning objectives

* To understand DALI-2 and how it differs from DALI-1

* To understand the key technical features and benefits of DALI-2

* To understand how DALI-2 compatible digital lighting intelligence sensors can now be used to sense and collect much more data than just applies to lighting i.e. HVAC, space occupancy, etc.

* To understand the impact a building's technology (including its lighting) has on health and wellbeing

* To understand how DALI-2 interacts with a building's emergency lighting

Course outline

Many electrical design engineers are familiar with DALI, the international protocol that applies to the design of lighting control systems. This course will teach engineers about the very latest DALI-2 protocol and, in particular, the interoperability this digital technology allows for in providing data of use to building occupiers, as part of a wider building management system.

Trainer's profile

Niall Donovan - Chief Operations Officer, MODULA

Niall is a fully qualified electrical design engineer and holds a BSc (Hons) in Electrical Services Engineering from DIT. Niall began working as an onsite electrician before transitioning into electrical engineering. He joined MODULA in 2016 and, as a company director, holds the position of Chief Operations Officer.

Course duration

45 minute presentation, plus Q&A

Assessment & certification

CPD Certificate provided on completion

Who should attend

Any project design engineer looking to learn more about DALI-2, lighting control systems and the smart building of future.