Ventilation Solutions for Energy-efficient Buildings

Organisation profile

Partel is a leading developer and supplier of high-performance building envelope solutions and materials for the low-energy building sector. Technical excellence is at the core of their product development, providing an integrated range of Airtight and Windtight systems, Thermal Bridging and Ventilation solutions that significantly improve the energy efficiency in both residential and commercial construction. VARA, IZOPERM, EXOPERM, CONIZO, CONEXO and ALMA are some of the most known brands used extensively in the construction sector, including breathable membranes, air sealing adhesive tapes and thermal bridging panels. They combine their knowledge in Architecture and Engineering with technical expertise and a unique building physics approach to build up customised solutions for every specific project.The company has Irish roots and a global presence within Ireland, the UK, North America, and mainland Europe. 

Training aim

This CPD presentation will explain the benefits from an energy, efficiency, and lifestyle perspective of decentralised and centralised ventilation systems.

Learning objectives

  • Introduction to Ventilation
  • Why do we ventilate?
  • Building Regulations - NZEB Part F 
  • Types of ventilation systems available: Natural, CMEV, MVHR
  • Types of ducting systems
  • Getting things right  
  • Acoustic Insulation 
  • Examples & case studies 

Course outline

In addition to modern construction techniques that are moving towards more airtight buildings to meet lower energy demands, the need for great Indoor Air Quality is more important than ever. In this presentation, one of our Certified Passive House Designers will explain the benefits from an energy, cost and lifestyle perspective of ventilation systems. Some topics covered include MVHR, HYBRID, CMEV, and demand-controlled ventilation systems suitable for residential and commercial projects, considering the best principles, and solutions that meet the nZEB standards.

Trainer's profile

The CPD will be led by Hugh Whiriskey or Dara McGowan. Hugh Whiriskey is Founder and Technical Director of Partel. He is our Certified Passive House Designer and a leading specialist in sustainable building and energy efficiency with extensive knowledge in design and construction management, building fabrics, technical engineering, and R&D. He established Partel in 2011. During his career of over 20 years, he has been involved in many different projects ranging in scale and complexity from large commercial developments & residential developments to bespoke residential dwellings. Hugh has experience at all levels of design and construction management and has wealth of expertise within low-energy construction sector across various roles such as consultant sales engineer, product training, contracts manager, technical engineer, project manager and in recent years as a technical director - BEng MIEI MCIOB CEPH. Dara McGowan is the nZEB specialist, Certified Passive House Designer and Certified Passive House Tradesperson of the Partel team. Dara began his career as a Construction studies teacher before going to college to pursue Masters in Sustainable Building Design and Performance. He has consulted on numerous NZEB and PH projects oof various scale and has a particular speciality in airtightness and ventilation. Dara Developed the national skills specifications for the NZEB Ventilation course, which is now recognised as the national ventilation training course for the designer/installers. 

Course duratio

1 hour with time for Q&A

Assessment & certification

Certificates of Attendance available upon request

Who should attend

Engineers, M&E, Architects, Designers, Contractors, Building Consultants