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Training Aim

Equips individuals and employers with comprehensive career development tools and life-long learning resources. The four-step programme provides learners to gain valuable insights into their own abilities, strengths, and areas for improvement, empowering them to reach their maximum potential within their respective organisations.

Our one-to-one mentored support, which includes recognition of prior learning, plays a pivotal role in guiding and assisting individuals in pursuing their professional career objectives and exploring additional study opportunities effectively.

The e-learning resources supports the one to one mentoring sessions in building confidence and directing individuals to learning material for information and growth opportunities.


Step 1: Self-discovery:

Map  your values, strengths and achievements with access to online resources.

Understand your unique skillset and how to develop your potential, expanding on your knowledge and experience.

Step 2: Self-development:

Explore  your career direction and key skills, decision-making and motivation to enhance  your leadership development.

Identify learning gaps and suitable courses which would support advancement in a career pathway of interest to you.

Step 3: Career Toolkit:

Develop the resources you require to support career enhancement. Refine course choices to suit your career goals. Consider advice on course applications including available supports and funding.

Step 4: Career Plan:

Finalise a career and learning development plan to support your career journey.


  • Define, understand and categorise what workplace transversal skills are. 
  • Identify personal workplace based transversal skills and rate level of professional competence compared to what is required for career advancement.
  • Appraise your current position by identifying competency, competency level and skills gaps; translating skills into current and future workplace requirements. 
  • Write up a personal development action plan to improve competency on three (3) workplace based transversal skills.
  • Develop competency on three (3) transversal skills through the ATU| platform.
  • Using the STARR framework for competency questions prepare to position yourself for success by mastering the art of pitching yourself to current and future employers.

Course Outline

The duration of the 4-stage programme is approximately 12-14 hours over 6 weeks, which includes self-directed learning.



Understanding yourself better.  This is done through various assessments (including an employability pulse) that provides a deeper insight personality, motivations and strengths.

Research Stage

Access to e-learning resources, supporting learning needs through bite size pieces of information, building confidence in areas to develop.

Preparation Stage

Using AI tools on the platform and availing of resources and supports, such as RPL. Exploration of internal career opportunities within an individual’s organisations.

Action Stage

Better understanding of yourself, your abilities and capabilities – a career development plan on what steps to take next to reach career goals.

Finally, on successful completion of the programme, a number of reports can be downloaded to support the outcome of the personalised pathway, in addition to a completed Career Development Plan with S.M.A.R.T goals.

Detailed career overview of trainers

Peter Smith Career & Learning Pathway Advisor

Peter is a qualified Career Guidance Counsellor. With over two decades of experience in leadership and management positions in the Defence Forces, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his current role with

Peter's primary responsibilities involve providing one-on-one online mentoring and career guidance to individuals who are actively engaged in career planning and development. He also facilitates in-person career guidance sessions through groupwork activities with Industry, community, and FE groups.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance Counselling: Dublin City University
  • Diploma in Learning & Development, (Level 8) SPA: University of Galway
  • Higher Diploma in Leadership, Defence & Contemporary Security: Maynooth University
  • BA Hons in Arts: University of Galway

Maura Fallon Career & Learning Pathway Advisor

Maura is a qualified Career Guidance Counsellor and is one of the Career and Learning Pathways Advisors with

Maura has over 20 years’ experience as a career practitioner prior to joining She has worked with a range of clients including early school leavers, students, graduates, adult learners, and professionals. Passionate about empowering individuals to utilise their talents, experience, and abilities to optimise their engagement with education and employment and enable them to reach their optimum potential.

  • Bachelor of Religious Education and English (Dublin City University)
  • MEd in School Guidance and Counselling (Maynooth University)

Lorraine Ginty / Career & Learning Pathway Advisor

Lorraine is an experienced career advisor who holds a Master of Arts in Guidance Counselling and Lifespan Development from the University of Limerick. She has an interest in adult education, non-formal education, and Non-profit Organisations. Lorraine possesses key skills and experience in areas such as: Career Counselling, C.V and Cover Letter Writing, Career Development, Job Search Strategies, Higher Education, Community Work, Course searching and Career matching.

Lorraine has a strong interest in the various industry requirements within different sectors and knowledge of suitable programmes of study to promote upskilling and training for all. Lorraine enjoys bringing individuals through personalised career paths and facilitating growth and development.

  • Master of Arts in Guidance Counselling and Lifespan Development from the University of Limerick

Olive Kelly / RPL Co-ordinator

Olive Kelly has 20 years’ experience in education and training, including roles at City of Dublin ETB, University of Galway, and Galway Roscommon ETB. Studying as a mature student herself, Olive understands the importance of lifelong learning and balancing responsibilities like being a mother and working full time. Olive is passionate about RPL, which enhances employee mobility and employability by recognising existing competencies. RPL students bring diversity to lecture theatres by sharing their real-life experiences, adding value to programmes of study. With industrypartnerships, RPL ensures higher education remains relevant to evolving skills and capabilities in the labour market, creating a highly skilled workforce to address societal needs.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Change Management: University of Galway
  • MA in Human Resource Management: IPA/National University of Ireland
  • Bachelor of Business Management Applications: ATU Sligo
  • Certificate in Integrating Literacy: NUI Maynooth

Christine McCabe / RPL Co-ordinator

Christine has nearly twenty years’ experience in further and higher education in various lead and support roles, particularly in facilitating access and progression to education for marginalised and adult learners. She is currently the RPL Coordinator for ATU Donegal and acts as Project Lead on the National RPL in Higher Education project as well as providing RPL support to the Higher Ed 4.0 project.

She is committed to RPL in both a professional and personal capacity having recently graduated as a mature student (HDip in Science in Computing) and now enrolled on a MSc in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Christine has a deep interest in the future analysis of RPL data to better serve and improve how RPL is embedded across the sector.

  • HDip in Science in Computing)
  • Undertaking a MSc in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Myra Feely / RPL Co-ordinator

Myra is a passionate higher education professional who is dedicated to supporting lifelong learners to meet their professional, educational and personal goals through the offerings of RPL. She believes in the opportunities RPL offers mature students and the wider community, having experienced the RPL process herself as a student.

  • Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (Hibernia College)
  • Bachelor of Education (Dublin City University)

Sarah Johnston / RPL Co-ordinator

Sarah is a passionate higher education professional, having gained relevant experience as an RPL Advisor at her home institution in Canada, where she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Human Resources. She is dedicated to supporting lifelong learners meet their professional, educational and personal goals through the offerings of RPL, and believes in the opportunities RPL offers mature students and the wider community.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Human Resources