New Eurostat figures show that Ireland (at 89.1%) had the fourth highest dependence on imported energy in the EU after Malta (104.0%), Luxembourg (96.9%), Cyprus (96.4%) in 2013. The EU as a whole was dependent on energy imports for slightly over a half (53%) of its consumption in 2013. The figures also show that, in 2013 EU energy consumption was back to its early 1990s levels and down by 9.1% compared to its peak in 2006. In Ireland, energy consumption in 2013 was up on 1990 levels but down from its 2006 high. Nuclear energy (29%) accounted for the largest share of EU domestic production of energy in 2013, ahead of renewables (24%), solid fuels (20%), gas (17%), oil (9%) and non-renewable wastes (1%). In total, the EU produced 790 million tonnes of energy in 2013. Ireland produced 2.3 million tonnes of energy in 2013: 56.9% from solid fuels, 6.8% from gas, 33.7% from renewable sources and 2.5% from wastes.