Belfast firm Kraydel has developed a revolutionary smart device which could change the way we care for older people in their homes.

For people who may not be familiar or comfortable with technology

The device is designed specifically for people who may not be familiar or comfortable with technology. The smart device sits on top of the television as a connected device, linking the older person to their carers or family members, through their TV screen. Paul Moorhead, founder and chief technology officer of Kraydel, said: “We recognise the value of continued innovation to the future success of our business, which is why we are continually seeking to improve our product offering. "Through this new investment in R&D, we are leveraging the latest technology to build a comprehensive understanding of health in the home. At the same time, we’re reconnecting lonely and isolated people to the community. “The strength of our product proposition is confirmed by the investment of the world’s largest health insurance company, RGA, in a recent seed investment round. Most recently, our thought leadership in this area has led to participation on workshops in Downing Street on tackling loneliness, and technology for elder care. “The R&D support has been essential to our progress and we would like to thank Invest NI, not just for the financial assistance, but for the personal support and encouragement from its team."

More advanced sensors

Dr Vicky Kell, director of innovation, research and development, Invest Northern Ireland, said: “Kraydel is a fast growing company which has developed pioneering technology that can track the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people living alone. "Our support for R&D has helped the company to significantly increase the capabilities of its original system, with more advanced sensors. “It is well known that many people prefer to be cared for in familiar surroundings at home. The company’s new smart device makes it possible for an older person to live independently, but fully connected to friends and family with the benefit of giving peace of mind to their carers. The potential for this type of technology is endless.” Invest NI has offered the company £150,000 of R&D support towards the development of its smart device which can remind users to take medication, complete house-keeping tasks and send alerts – all without the need for a smartphone, or other devices. Kraydel has ambitious growth plans for its Belfast and London teams and is currently recruiting for experienced android/linux developers. Invest NI’s R&D support is part funded by ERDF under the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020.