Drivers on the A6 between Randalstown and Castledawson in County Antrim are to be reminded of the importance of civil engineering to daily lives. The upgrade on the road has been chosen for a poster campaign by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), showing the public the positive impact of civil engineering. Around 18,000 users take the route every day, often leading to congestion. But the £160m upgrade by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), carried out by Graham and Farrans (GFJV) aims to reduce journey times by around one-quarter. The work is being carried out by a joint venture of Graham and Farrans (GFJV). The 'This is Civil Engineering' campaign showcases the benefits of civil engineering projects by displaying large banners at prominent sites. The banners help increase public perception of civil engineering projects and how the project will benefit the community. This could be through protecting homes and businesses from floods, ensuring drinking water is clean or providing the roads and railways that keep people connected. The campaign has been running for five years, featuring over 100 projects in all parts of the UK. You can follow the campaign with the hashtag #thisisengineering.