As the demand for highly skilled workers in Ireland’s booming pharma and med-tech industries increases, flexible approaches to qualifications and continuous professional development are helping to fill Ireland’s talent gap. And as that demand for talent grows, more and more engineers are finding excellent career opportunities within these industries. Across all aspects of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, from process development to production and from machinery to validation, the process discipline of engineering provides an excellent grounding for roles in pharma and high-tech manufacturing in general. However, as a highly regulated industry with very specific processes and protocols, gaining some qualifications in the basics provides the extra edge for any engineers looking to transition into this sector. Since 2010, Innopharma Education has helped thousands of people gain pharma and med-tech qualifications, and over 70% of these people are now employed in all regions of Ireland’s pharma and med-tech industry. Our intake in 2018 was over 600 students, and almost 40% of these students were working in other adjacent life science or engineering industries but looking to upskill for roles in pharma. Our range of programmes offers a number of entry points depending on your current qualification, previous work experience and future career ambitions. We have helped students from all backgrounds to build their critical industry skills and progress into rewarding careers:

  • Level 6 Higher Certificate in Process Technologies
  • Level 7 BSC in Process Technologies
  • Level 8 BA in Pharmaceutical Business Operations
  • Level 9 Post-Graduate Diploma in Medical Device Technology & Business
  • Level 9 MSc in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology
Our courses are closely linked to industry needs and developed in partnership with some of the biggest names in Pharma, including BioPharmaChem Ireland, Allergan, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. Our lecturers already occupy roles in the industry and align academic learning to up-to-date practical industry applications. Our graduates are ready to hit the ground running, and for that reason, they are sought after in the pharma and med-tech industry and have excellent post-graduation employment rates. To find out more, visit our website, or call us at any time to find out which of our programmes might best suit your needs 01 – 485 3346.