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The MEETA Asset Management society is a special interest group for maintenance, reliability and asset management practitioners, providing CPD and networking events for engineers. 

The MEETA Asset Management society was created over 35 years ago, as an amalgamation of the National Maintenance Association (NMA) and the Energy Management Association, as well as incorporating the technology of environment protection. The Society was initially called MEETA - for Maintenance, Energy and Environment Technology Association. In the 1990s, MEETA engaged with the then Institution of Engineers of Ireland and became a Society. This relationship has prospered and now MEETA is an established Engineers Ireland Society.

Our operating model is to promote asset management, maintenance and reliability best practices and knowledge; to help drive real improvements in the Irish industrial setting. Our national committee comprises members from various sectors of industry and service providers, each with a unique perspective on asset management. One key focus area is improving and sharing best practices. We combine a virtual and face to face approach through a series of asset management events, including site visits. Our national conference and awards ceremony are held annually in November each year. We also promote asset management education and work closely with 3rd level institutions to ensure the next generation of asset managers are catered for too. At our 2021 AGM, we adopted our name to ‘MEETA Asset Management’, to help with our brand recognition and promotion.

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MEETA Asset Management awards

The MEETA Asset Management Awards are designed to celebrate excellence in the fields of maintenance, reliability engineering and asset management. The Awards are one of the highlights of our Annual National Conference. Learn more here.

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MEETA Asset Management in the Engineers Journal

Everything you wanted to know about ... MEETA Asset Management Society

MEETA was created more than 35 years ago, as an amalgamation of the National Maintenance Association and the Energy Management Association, as well as incorporating the technology of environment protection. MEETA stands for Maintenance, Energy and Environment Technology Association.

What is the role of the maintenance engineer in the factory of the future?

The music industry has experienced rapid change in the last 20 years. We have seen the decline of cassettes, the rise and fall of compact disks and the move towards digital music downloads. The manufacturing industry is no different, having increased its digital processes, changing the way the industry operates and work is done. One role that is changing significantly is that of the maintenance engineer. Maintenance engineers ensure machines and processes in a facility run smoothly. ...

Condition monitoring: costs have benefits and benefits can reduce costs

As the new year beds down and we find ourselves emerging from the usual post-holiday nutritional and financial hangover, there’s no better time to broach the subject of cost benefit and the tightening of finances. Whatever stage you’re at in your financial year, despite recovering economies and buoyant industry sectors, the spectre of cost benefit looms large at all times in today’s business environment. Whether it is the result of past lessons learnt or simply a continuation of your ...

Engineering challenges of preventing downtime in a leading laboratory

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge is dedicated to the understanding of important biological processes at the levels of atoms, molecules, cells and organisms, in order to deliver the knowledge needed to solve key problems in human health and disease. Accolades include revolutionary contributions to science such as the sequencing of DNA, and ten Nobel Prizes awarded for work carried out by LMB scientists. Many of its scientists have exploited their discoveries ...

The maintenance of asset management: maximising value of existing assets

The upcoming MEETA National Conference 2016 on ‘Plant Life Cycle; Maintaining for Life’ will take place in Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Dublin 4 on 17 November 2016. Click here for more details. The global economic downturn of the past few years has put additional pressure on asset intensive companies to pull more value from their existing assets. Increasingly, these companies view asset management as a competitive advantage and it now occupies a robust position in management ...

MEETA recognises the best in Irish maintenance and asset management

The Irish Maintenance and Asset Management Society (MEETA) Awards, held last month, are the premier awards for those working in asset management and reliability. MEETA is a society within Engineers Ireland that actively encourages and promotes the implementation of best practice in industrial maintenance. The awards highlight and reward the ingenuity shown by those in maintenance and asset management in providing value to their companies. The MEETA Awards consist of the following award ...


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