Engineers Ireland couldn’t function without the participation of members who take on volunteering commitments throughout the year.  By volunteering you can get valuable CPD credits, network with other engineers, hone your presentation skills and share your knowledge.

Volunteers are an essential part of many of the core activities of Engineers Ireland and are tasked with:

Providing a human face to the profession of engineering

Imparting knowledge

Covering a geographical spread of expertise

Helping to raise awareness of the profession

Engineers Ireland recognizes an exceptional volunteer or volunteer group each year with an award that is presented at the annual Excellence Awards.
If you're interested in volunteering, get in touch 

Graduate Volunteers

Gain CPD credits while improving your communication, negotiation and presentation skills. Engineers Ireland offers engineering students a webinar in their final year of college which graduate engineers are invited to attend and present a short 15 minute presentation on the skills that engineering companies expect of their graduate engineers, and what students can expect when they begin working in industry.

Steps Volunteers

Engineers Ireland runs several initiatives at primary and post-primary level through its STEPS programme. If you are just starting out on your professional career, this volunteer opportunity affords you a chance to hone your presentation and communication skills, essential tools for any professional.

Interviewers and Assessors

Develop your knowledge of the professional standards for engineering and influence the awarding of professional titles to suitable engineers, all while continuing your professional development.

This volunteer opportunity allows you to directly influence the admission of engineers to the professional titles of Chartered Engineer, Associate Engineer and Engineering Technician, while also giving you the chance to increase your knowledge of the profession.

If you've been a Chartered Engineer for at least three years, we'd be delighted to hear from you.


Learn to become a mentor and use your experience to truly assist another in your profession.

A mentor provides invaluable support to a member who is applying for the professional title of Chartered Engineer, Associate Engineer or Engineering Technician through the experiential learning route to title.

Regional Branches, Engineering Divisions and Societies

Volunteering to participate in a sector is an ideal way to gain the most from your membership. You can meet local engineers and develop your knowledge of specific disciplines, while also sharing your expertise with interested peers.


CPD Expert

Are you an expert in an upcoming or cutting-edge field of engineering?

Contact the CPD team to suggest how you can contribute to future seminars or panel discussions

Engineers Ireland
Become a volunteer
Engineers Ireland volunteers help to raise the profile of engineering in Ireland

Code of Good Practice for Engineers Ireland Volunteers

Volunteers are the public face of Engineers Ireland and for this reason we will outline what is expected of them.

When applying to volunteer you will be asked to declare and confirm that you have read, understand and will implement the code of good practice.

Engineers Ireland is committed to providing safe and enjoyable volunteer opportunities and as such the following code is expected to be observed at all times.

  • Observe Engineers Ireland’s Code of Ethic ensuring professional integrity is practised
  • Confidentiality must be respected
  • Substance abuse is not tolerated
  • All concerns should be reported to your ‘volunteer leader’- you will be assigned a volunteer leader when you first volunteer
Learn it. Save it. Show it.
Keep track of your progress towards your annual CPD requirement with the My CPD recording tool, available through your member dashboard.