Introduction to Bioprocessing for Engineers


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6.5 hours, C1/C2

Course Overview

The size and importance of Ireland’s pharmaceutical industry over the past decade has been well documented. As this industry tackles the challenges of expiring patents and increasing cost pressures, new opportunities and business models are emerging in biotechnology and the convergence with related industries. However, bioprocessing facilities, processes and employee competence differ significantly to those of the traditional pharmaceutical industry.

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Course Aim

The aim of this course is to introduce the biopharmaceutical industry and its associated processing principles and techniques to Engineers from a non-biopharma background. The course will expand attendees’ knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the bioprocessing industry.


  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Bioprocessing
  • Lecture 2: Overview of Upstream Operations + Virtual Tour of Upstream Suite
  • Lecture 3: Overview of Downstream Operations + Virtual Tour of Downstream Suite
  • Lecture 4: Overview of Fill Finish Operations + Virtual Tour of Fill Finish Suite
  • Lecture 5: Single Use Technologies Overview and Virtual Tour of GE Suite

Who should attend?

Engineers and managers working in the (bio)pharma and related industries who wish to further their understanding of all aspects of biopharma manufacturing.


NIBRT is a global centre of excellence for training and research in bioprocessing located in a world class facility. This Biopharma for Engineers training course is a one-day course designed to deliver a detailed introduction to the bioprocessing industry and the operations involved focussing on key areas of engineering. The course involves theoretical sessions to introduce the trainee to the key areas involved in the bioprocessing industry followed by a walk-down of the equipment involved. The course will then focus on the utilities involved in the biopharmaceutical production process.


  • "Overall a superb facility for Biopharma training, world class. Leading the way in every aspect of Biopharma training. Thanks! "
  • "Good balance of overview and detail. Real life examples to support training"
  • "All very informative, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff"
  • "Good to see the process and equipment in action"
  • "Beneficial to see the facilities after the theory"
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