Blockchain Fundamentals for Engineers


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6.5 hours, C3

Course Overview

Once a buzzword, Blockchain is now becoming part of how future-looking organisations will share data and do business. The technology is being adopted in engineering industries such as the energy, manufacturing, construction, and life sciences sectors.

Course Aim

This one-day CPD workshop will allow delegates understand Blockchain technology and Ethereum, the decentralised computing platform and operating system. Upon completion, delegates will understand the technology, be familiar with key applications, and be able to identify business opportunities across major industries.


Session 1: Blockchain Technology Fundamentals – a deep-dive into the technology, core characteristic and innovations, and main attributes of interest for the business sector.

Session 2: The Ethereum Platform – this session will introduce participants to Ethereum as a decentralized world computer and the smart contract development platform for the web 3.0.

Session 3: Challenges and Applications – will address tech, user and legal barriers for Blockchain as well as the main use cases in development for different industries.

Session 4: Blockchain Decision Framework – delegates will learn how to assess the value of Blockchain for a use case of interest and identify potential business opportunities based on blockchain technology.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is open to anyone, with no prior experience in Blockchain, interested in understanding the technology. There are no prerequisites to participate. The area of expertise is not limited to tech or IT related positions.


"Very interesting and engaging"

“Great introduction. Engaging presenter”

“Enjoyable. Lecturer was very engaged and enthusiastic”

"Very interesting material”

“Very good”

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